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Top reasons to use steel bars for reinforcement of concrete | MSlife

Hi, I am K. Narsing, a civil engineer from Armoor, with 10 years of experience in drafting layouts of interior and exterior for duplex houses.

In Armoor, Telangana, I have noticed the buildings are developing wall cracks within a few years of construction because of extreme heat and humidity. This mainly happens due to the use of low-grade steel and cement for saving costs by the ignorant builders, which adversely impacts the look and longevity of the project.

Speaking out of my professional experience in this red and black soil region, the only remedy I recommend is the perfect reinforcement of merit-quality steel bars and PPC cement.

In simple terms: For the durable longevity of your civil project, you must use only quality ribbed TMT for superior binding with the concrete.

Here I am cementing the facts for your better grip

If you analyze the properties of the concrete mixture which is processed by mixing cement, sand, aggregate, and water, then it is a plain chunk of artificial stone, with impressive load-resistant capacity. But when it comes to withstanding the tensile strength, the plain concrete proves to be weaker or fragile.

This is because concrete is more composite in nature with interfacial transition zones. And so, during extreme outer compression force, the aggregates come closer and exchange the force among each other. Whereas, the same aggregates, tend to move away from each other during tensile stress, leading to falling apart and crumbling. Because of its brittle properties, concrete is considered dangerous for construction, unless embedded with steel bars for solid reinforcement.

Now, that you know the importance of steel bars for concrete reinforcement, here are some solid reasons why steel is the ultimate favorite of civil engineers.

Impressive tensile strength

This is the most unique property of steel that makes it superior to other metals for construction. Not only this metal, is lightweight and easy to port and work with but has a high tensile strength to withstand high-impact stress.

Low cost

This high-utility dependable construction material is surprisingly cheaper than other metals and is now readily available in various grades, shapes, and sizes for different construction needs.

Flexi-strong properties

As steel is highly malleable, can be easily molded into any design and shape during construction. The bendability of steel sets it apart from other metals, making it suitable for residential and commercial construction.


Another sustainable advantage of reinforced steel bars is they can be recycled multiple times into other construction materials without affecting their properties. This helps in controlling and reducing the loads on landfills and lowering the construction cost.

Easy to assemble

The lightweight steel bars and rebars are easy to carry and assemble for columns, beams, slabs, drainage, and any other structures.

With the rising demand for different grades of steel bars for construction, the market is presently bombarded with various local manufacturers claiming to deliver low-cost bars that often fail to meet the construction parameters due to poor composition and properties. So be aware and secure the durability of your construction projects with only premium quality 600+ reinforcement bars by MS Life steel, one of the leading integrated steel plants in South India. You can procure our quality range of steel bars through our extensive dealers’ distribution network

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