MS Life TMT Bars with Highest Quality Steel, Manufactured in India
MS Life TMT bars with highest quality steel, manufactured in India. We are a leading Mines-to-Mills primary steel manufacturer of India producing Hot Rolled, Sponge Iron, Billets and TMT Bars.
Established in 2005, the company has grown over the years to become an integrated steel plant having THREE factories spread across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are spread over 350 acres with a production capacity of 1,50,000 MTPA which is expected to reach 2,50,000 MTPA by 2020.
MS Life steel is fastest growing steel company in India, having presence across South India. MS Life steel is one of the few companies that manufacture high-strength and advanced high-end steel for construction.
As a forerunner of India’s steel industry, we believe it is our responsibility to improve and upgrade the quality of construction in the country. MS Life engaged in various CSR activities which aim to make our society better every day.
With innovation at the core of its existence, it is the first steel company to manufacture 500, 550, 600 and 600+ grade steel bars in South India.

10 reasons to buy and use MS Life Steel bars in your construtcion

High quality raw material
MSLife 600 uses superior quality tested raw material including coal & Iron ore from the best mines in world etc., thereby ensuring right quality from raw material stage.
German technology
MS life 600 steel bars is the first to formally introduce superior quality Fe 600 grade in south India, and produced by adopting superior German technology.
Earthquake resistant
MS life 600 steel bars comes from the house of MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt Ltd., an integrated steel plant. The low carbon levels and high physical properties not only enhance elongation but also provide better safety from earthquakes.
Better bond strength
The Unique rib pattern design of MS LIFE 600 rebar makes it sturdy, it bonds well with the concrete and the end result is a strong built project.
Perfect ring formation
The advanced technology used in manufacturing of MS LIFE 600 ensures the perfect ring formation across the bar to give it that perfect grip.
Certificate of authenticity
MS Life 600 steel bars carry the Certificate of Authenticity (A full-fledged tested certificate) and this certificate is enclosed with every consignment. The certificate ensures that the best in the class quality product is delivered to patrons.
Cost effective – Saving by 15%
Consumers can save upto 15% steel consumption in structural design because of high strength Fe 600 over present usage of Fe 500.
Value for money
First in south India to abide by the standard rate, weight and price formula. MS Life 600 sells per piece there by ensuring value for money for our privileged consumers.
Availability of all section mix and ISI branding
MS LIFE 600 rebar offers a wide range of quality tested products starting from 8mm to 32mm diameter. It comes with a convenient packing and is easily available with certified dealers. The packaging carries the brand name, ISI mark and the section number to reflect authenticity of identity.
Our steel is used in big prestigious projects
MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be associated with projects of National Importance. Some of the major projects are, the Hyderabad and Bangalore International Airports, Gangavaram and Krishnapatnam ports project, Hyderabad Outer Ring Road, Metro Rail project, Mega Power Plants project, National Highways and many other major Irrigation projects.

Why TMT 600?

• Higher Grade (600) steel of superior and consistent quality
• The low carbon level and high physical properties of MS Life Steel bars enhances elongation and provides better safety from earthquakes
• MS Life Steel’s Fe600 rebars offer characteristic elongation of 16% (min) leading to better ductability
• Unique rib pattern design makes the bars bond well with concrete resulting in a sturdy foundation
• Advanced technology used in the manufacturing of MS LIFE 600 ensures the perfect ring formation across the bar to give it that perfect grip
• Higher strength requires less bars (section area) to carry similar loads resulting in less congestion improving the quality of construction
• Using Fe600 reduces Steel consumption by 15%
• Less steel to handle implies a reduction in labour costs by 15%

Technology & Innovation

• Adopting German technology, MS life Steel is the first to introduce 500 grade TMT bars followed by 550 and 600 grades across South India
• State-of-the-art lab for stringent and continuous testing of raw materials and finished products
• Use of world class rolls for best finish
• Use of Program Logic Control System and Auto Water System for spraying water at high pressure to reduce the temperature to 200°C from 1000°C
• Pioneers in using the PUC technology to acquire desired temperature which helps attain higher yield strength
• Automated Cut & Bend machines to customize the lengths and bends to required angles, in order to meet the customer’s requirements
• Use of Latest Italian technology in the Cut & Bend mill for better accuracy and reduced cost and time
• Better management of inventory due to reduced material wastage and production costs apart from ensuring aesthetically superior clean and strong bars, which are made available right at the site
• Direct charging avoids emitting of poisonous gases through reheating process
• Adopted processes to stop harmful gases, for a zero pollution factory.


• Main raw materials including Coal and Iron ore are sourced from world’s best mines including South African and Australian mines
• The use of virgin iron ore coupled with the extensive metallurgical processes ensure that the steel is clean and is free from harmful elements like Sulphur and Phosphorus
• Drinkable RO water is used for quenching for rapid cooling of TMT bars in the water to obtain certain material properties
• The superior rolling process adopted by MS Life Steel ensures that MS Life Steel TMT bars have controlled size tolerance and best in the industry rib pattern to ensure better bonding between cement and concrete
• The efficacy of rib pattern is determined by a quantity known as the A/R Ratio thus resulting in the best bond between steel and cement
• Better corrosion resistance
• Superior flexibility, ductility and bendability
• Long lasting
• Perfect sectional weight, length, size and standard dimensions at all times
• Every consignment carries a Certificate of authenticity ensuring that only the best in the class quality product is delivered to clients
• Associated with projects of national importance like the Bengaluru International Airport, Hyderabad Airport, Gangavaram port, Krishnapatnam port, Hyderabad Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad Metro Rail, and other mega power plant projects, national highways, major irrigation projects and more
• Star Export House certified company (2006-2009)
• Awarded “The best Steel” by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India
• Bureau of Indian Standards certified
• ISO 9001-2000 certified
• The chemical compositions and physical properties of MS Steel TMT Bars are far exceeding the IS 1786/08 Standards for quenching to achieve uniform ring formation

Ease of doing business

• Online pricing
• Per piece selling – value for money, avoids unfair trade practices in weight.
• Maintenance of fresh stock with section mix
• Wide range of quality tested products starting from 8 mm to 32 mm diameter
• Timely delivery due to excellent vehicle placement across South India
•Every consignment comes with a convenient packaging that carries the brand name, ISI mark and embossing of section grade on on every rod along with test certificates
• Easy availability owing to a strong network of more than 750 channel partners including 100+ exclusive channel partners covering entire South India


With increasing importance placed on sustainable development, we have spearheaded programmes that contribute to a stable tomorrow. Our efforts encompass several initiatives such as-

• Waste-heat recovery facility for recovery of waste-gas heat from the blast furnace to improve energy efficiency
• Zero pollution factories
• Responsible waste handling by recycling/reusing 80% of the solid waste. The remaining 20% is used to fill low-lying areas and for peripheral road construction
• Effluent Management by treating and recycling waste water with the best available physio-chemical methods thereby reducing the level of pollutants discharged in waste water streams.
• Waste water from the coke plant is treated biologically where organic pollutants are oxidised and decomposed by micro-organisms
• Green cover around factories by planting 10 lakh plants
• Water conservation efforts by installing large scale rain water harvesting structures along with ground water recharge facilities
• Water recovery and recycling
• Water footprint assessment and reduction exercises
• Artificial recharge of ground water
• Zero water discharge
• These water conservation efforts have resulted in savings of surface runoff water while also leading to a gradual and steady rise in the ground water table in the project sites and in and around the downstream villages.

MS Life Steel's integrated steel plant manufactures superior quality 600+ grade TMT steel bars and tailor-made steel products using automated Cut & Bend machines.

Integrated Steel Plant

The reason for our superior quality products and service can be attributed to the fact that we have a forward and backward, Mines-to-Mills integrated steel plant. This ensures that we have complete control over the entire process to achieve physical properties and chemical compositions as to surpass BIS standards to manufacture merit quality steel. Having an integrated steel plant also ensures that we have complete control over quality, costs and timely delivery.
Our Manufacturing Process
The process of manufacturing TMT Steel Bars at MS Life starts from sourcing the best raw materials from the worlds’ best mines which is Iron Ore, Coal, and Dolomite. These raw material is then sent to KLIN unit where it is converted into sponge Iron. The material then becomes pliable and suitable to be shaped in any desired form in the DRI unit. Once it is out of the DRI unit, the material is then tested with chemical processes which begins within the continuous billet caster. The billets are then shaped into TMT Bars which are strong and resilient. The final testing ensures the quality output. The steel is also cut and bent to desired shape. Finally,the material is dispatched throughout India.

“We are on the fore-front of growth and MS Life is looking into the future to adapt to the new and best technologies, thus fulfilling the “Make-in-India” ideal of growth and self-sustenance”


Ever since I started using MS Life Steel in 2017, I have not looked back.  I have been recommending it to my customers. The quality & looks are attractive. Also, the 600 grade bar is reasonably priced and the service of your executives is also very good.

S. Balaji

After MS Life Steel came into the market, I observed that it is very smooth, doesn’t rust and has more load bearing capacity than other steels. Till today, I have not received any complaints against MS LIFE STEEL from my customers and fabricators. Moreover this steel has 600 grade so I highly recommend this for major constructions.

N Vijayendra Nath Prasad

Because of the quality & other aspects, I usually recommend your steel to some of my projects. The quality of the material is very good.

Veeresh Makari

I am very happy to comment on your product -MS LIFE 600 STEEL. I have been using your product since 2013 and I am very satisfied with your steel’s technical properties like elongation, strength, elasticity, etc. The new 600 grade bars have more strength and better appearance with fine finishing. I am also satisfied with your company’s executives because they are giving good service at every stage of my projects. So now I am using your MS LIFE 600 STEEL in 11 out of the 12 projects that I am doing. By this, you may expect how much I am satisfied with your products and your company’s employees.

Ranga Pinakapani
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