MS Life Steel 600

MS Life Steel 600 Reinforcement Bars

MS Life Steel 600 has the best combination of strength, ductility and an unparalleled quality consistency. Tough and strong, high malleability, ductility, weldability and offer elongation properties of 18% to 24% owing to their low carbon level and high physical properties. Our unique rib pattern design makes the bars bond well with concrete resulting in a sturdy foundation. The advanced technology used in the manufacturing of MS LIFE 600 ensures the perfect ring formation across the bar to give it that perfect grip. Our thermo process German technologies like Stop-Start shears and patented Thermex treatment systems allow us to produce low cost, high strength, deformed bars of superior quality that are sure to meet the demands of Civil Engineers around the globe. The strict adherence to quality standards and stringent quality measures has earned MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt. Ltd the license to produce and sell bars with this technology in the Indian sub-continent.
Advantages of MS Life Steel 600 Rebars

Virgin steel

Corrosion resistant

Earthquake resistant

German technology

Iso 9001-2000 certified

Finer grain structure

Excellent bend properties

Great weldability

Higher bonding strength

Precise gauge control

Better metallurgical properties

Higher strength

Perfect roundness

Customized product

Cost effective

MS Life Steel 600 rebars are available through our extensive professional distribution and dealers network, assuring the company prescribed price and correct weight at the point of purchase.

We sell on a per piece basis

• Buy the required length to avoid shortages and wastage during construction
• Get more value for money by removing the hassle of weighment

Recommended consumer price

MS Life Steel 600 rebars are sold at RCP for better transparency. The RCP’s are displayed at all dealer outlets.

Consumer Policy

• MS Life Steel 600 endeavors to adopt a customer-focused approach at all times by ensuring 100% transparency in pricing.
• MS Life Steel 600 strives to go beyond customer needs and expectations in terms of products, quality, value for money and satisfaction.
• MS Life Steel 600 greatly values its relationships with customers and continuously works on strengthening these relations for mutual benefits.
Product Specifications
Physical Property of MS Life 600 (TMT Bars)
GradesYield(min.Mpa)UTS (min.Mpa)Elongation(min.%)
MS Life 600 Chemistry

Carbon (Max %)0.300.18 to 0.20
Manganese (Max %)0.5 - 0.80.5 to 0.8
Sulphur & Phosphorousas per ISI:1786/2008as per ISI:1786/2008
Observed Running Mass/Meter
SpecificBIS Range ToleranceMS 600 Range Tolerance
Size (mm)Kg/mtrKg/mtrKg/mtr
(Min) - (Max)(Min) - (Max)%
80.3950.367 - 0.4230.367 - 0.395±7
100.6170.574 - 0.6600.574 - 0.617±7
120.8880.844 - 0.9320.844 - 0.888±5
161.5801.500 - 1.6591.500 - 1.580±5
202.4702.369 - 2.5442.396 - 2.470±3
253.8503.735 - 3.9653.735 - 3.850±3
284.8304.685 - 4.9754.685 - 4.830±3
326.3106.120 - 6.4996.120 - 6.310±3