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10 tips to measure the quality of TMT Bars | MS Life


I am Surya Prakash Reddy; an experienced civil engineer specialized in low-cost and durable house construction for the last 6 years in Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh. During my work tenure in this red and hard soil region, I have noticed the use of poor quality steel for construction, causing early cracks in the building walls and making them vulnerable to adverse weather impacts.

In Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh, the climate is generally dry and receives low rainfall throughout the year. This is also one of the vital reasons behind the buildings developing cracks and losing their aesthetic appeal early. As an experienced civil engineer, I strictly recommend graded TMT bars and a balanced mix of concrete for the unthreatened longevity of the construction works.

However, owing to the soaring demand for steel bars for construction, many average steel makers are on a spree to produce low-quality steel to meet the market demand. This phenomenon has led to mounting confusion among the buyers to differentiate between the best and worst quality steel.

To help you choose only premium-grade steel for construction, I am listing 10 brilliant tips that will make your job easier.

  1. The prime factor to consider while buying steel bars for construction is whether the bars have ISI or BIS marks imprinted on them, including the brand’s or manufacturer’s name. This is the most important factor, you mustn’t miss.
  2. Know your requirement to ask for the exact grade of TMT you need. TMT bars are available in various grades like Fe415, Fe500, Fe550, Fe600, and Fe600+, which have different purposes in various types of construction.
  3. Ask the company confidently about the chemical and physical test authenticity report.
  4. Make sure the bars have a unique ribbed pattern for solid bond with the concrete.
  5. The steel bars must have precise roundness to offer a solid grip during working.
  6. Check the length of each standard bar to confirm they measure 12mm, which is the standard length.
  7. Ask for the manufacturer’s license to ensure the quality is not compromised.
  8. All the bars from the same batch must have the same diameter.
  9. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure the bars are rust-free, grease-free, and rust-free.
  10. And, lastly don’t forget to check the carbon (c) factor shouldn’t exceed 0.25% and must be delivered to you in safe packaging.

While these are some of the crucial factors to consider for buying TMT bars, I will always recommend sourcing TMTs from a premium manufacturer to secure your effort and investment. So, instead of compromising the construction quality by choosing low-grade TMTs for saving cost, choose only merit-quality steel bars for unmatched durability of your projects.

Here are some of the traits of premium-grade steel bars:

  • Must be an ISO-certified product
  • Must have a finer grain structure with precise gauge control.
  • Excellent ductility and weldability.
  • Must feature rib pattern for greater bonding with the concrete.
  • Standard surface and physical properties.
  • Must have that perfect roundness to offer a comfortable grip during working.

Based on my working experience in Nandyal, I have found MS life 600+ steel bars to be the best match for construction in this dry climate. Manufactured by MS life Steel  , these TMT bars are highly regarded by engineers for their unmatched properties and economical price range.

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