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How TMT bars secure your construction projects from seismic waves? | MS Life

Hi, I am M. Mahesh, a civil engineer from Hyderabad, with 12 years of experience in house planning and elevation designing. During my tenure working in this region, I noticed that the newly constructed houses have developed cracks and lost their appeal. Plus, construction in this sandy Godavari soil region needs extra durable support to stand strong against any natural calamities.

Unfortunately, people, there are not so aware of such technical issues and often deploy poor quality construction materials and TMT to save on their budget, risking the construction longevity. This is why I recommend using high-strength reinforced TMT bars for house construction in this sandy soil region to safeguard your nest from seismic tensions.

So, let’s find out why you must consider earthquake-resistant TMT bars for construction.

TMT also termed Thermomechanically treated bars are thoughtfully crafted with a strong martensite outer surface and soft ferrite inner core. This soft ductile core of the TMT absorbs the mild tremor, while the reinforced exterior keeps the shape intact.

Ductility: High-grade TMT bars are the most preferred for construction in the tremor-prone region due to their high flexibility or bendability. Because of this feature, TMT bars stand strong and flexible against seismic tensions and safeguard your home from natural calamities. MS life steel 600+ TMT bars offer impressive elongation up to 24% because of their low carbon and high physical properties.

Corrosion resistance: Superior grade TMT bars offer unmatched safety to your construction projects against weather elements. In places like Hyderabad, the presence of air salinity and hot and humid summers is enough to weaken the TMT strength by affecting its surface properties. But this is not the case with superior quality TMT that is rust and corrosion-proof.

Fire resistance: Fire hazard in buildings is a common consequence due to earthquake, claiming lives. Using superior grade TMT bars protects the buildings from fire mishaps due to the high thermal capacity of withstanding up to 600 degrees’ heat.

What are the qualities of earthquake-resistant TMT bars?

To buy the best quality earthquake-resistant TMT bars, you must check with the following listed qualities below

Composition material: Superior-grade TMT bars are made of virgin iron ore for enhanced strength and durability.

Finer grain structure: The soft core of premium grade TMT has fine-grained ferrite and pearlite composition for maximum stress distribution.

Bendability: MS life 600+ TMT bars have superior bendability and elongation value achieved with the application of German technology.

Superior bonding: Premium quality earthquake-resistant TMT bars come with a ribbed surface pattern for superior bonding with the concrete and ensure enhanced longevity of the structure.

Choose the grades accordingly: While there are various grades of TMT like 450, 500, 550, 600, and 600+ for various construction needs, Ms Life 600+ TMTs are highly recommended for reinforced construction in earthquake-prone regions.

So are you now confident in choosing the best TMT bars for construction? Here is your one-time chance to earthquake-proof your home and projects with superior grade 600+ TMT bars by MS life, a leading integrated steel plant in South India, that specializes in offering premium steel products for construction.

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