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All you need to know about the grade of TMT bars | MSlife

Hello everyone, I am Syd. Mudhaser, a civil engineer and interior designer from Shivamogga, Karnataka. I am specialized in homework planning, home elevation, and town planning. My professional portfolio also features major projects like Bangalore International Airport. During my work experience in Shivamogga, I felt the weather there was extremely hot and humid which led to the formation of premature cracks on the building walls. What I have particularly noticed is the lack of awareness of the builders about the grade of TMT bars used in construction.

Moreover, the loose soil in the region requires a double mat footing of high-quality cement and TMT bars for added strength. All these parameters were blatantly ignored by the builders during construction which adversely impacted the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the buildings and construction projects in the area.

So, here I will reveal some useful tips on different grades of TMT bars and their applications, so you can confidently get what you exactly need.

The commonly available and widely used TMT bars in India are:

Fe415: The bars are formed using the traditional cold twisted and deformed bars that are also known as CTD bars. At this level, the TMT bars are accompanied by malleability, quality, and elongation and are presently used in the construction of present-day RCC structures, small-scale structures, and reinforcing residential homes.

Fe500: Fe500 TMT bars are comparatively stronger than the Fe415 bars and are predominantly used in heavy-duty construction like bridges, multi-story buildings, and underground structures. These bars are best suited for beachside construction for their incredible corrosion-resistant properties.

Fe500D: These reinforced bars are crafted in controlled conditions to achieve better flexibility that enhances the malleability of the bars and adaptability of the bars. The malleability and strength of the bars make them the ideal choice for large-scale projects like airports, malls, flyovers, and multiplexes.

Fe600: Fe600 grade TMT bars are ranked the strongest in the league for heavy-duty construction. Because of their impressive corrosion-resistant properties, the bars are widely used for the construction of complexes, ventures, towers, plants, and freeways.

Now that you know the different grades of TMT bars in the market, the confusing question here is:

Which grade steel bars are the best?

Depending on the mode and type of construction, the grade of steel TMT bars needs to be evaluated before selection. As for low-scale and high-scale construction, the grades of TMT bars will be different.

Which company in India offers the best grade of TMT bars?

Choosing the best grade of TMT bars from the number of brimming choices in the market is obviously confusing for beginners. So, the first factor to evaluate is the brand value before choosing among different grades of TMT bars. MS Life is one such brand in South India that offers merit quality TMT bars flawlessly crafted of premium grade materials. The signature MS Life 600+ TMT bars. You can get our high-quality TMT bars from the nearest dealers at the best market price.

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