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6 uncommon facts about TMT Steel | MSlife

Hello everyone, I am Palamoori Rakesh from Nagar Kurnool, a civil engineer and planner with 4 years of experience in residential and commercial RCC structures. During my tenure in this region, I have noticed that the masons lack skills in providing space between the bars in columns and beams which risks the base of a project to a great extent.

Since I was closely associated with ground-level supervising I was very particular about every detail and made sure the projects are flawlessly executed keeping in mind the topography and temperature. Moreover, the increased price of construction materials is a potential reason behind the decreasing trend of construction since people are quite particular about cost–efficient construction.

And I am very sure that the situation is pretty much the same all over India as a home is a one-time investment and steel is getting costlier. But today I will disclose 6 uncommon facts about TMT steel and how you can buy premium-grade steel TMT bars without exhausting your budget.

Let’s get the benefits first:

Thermo mechanically treated: This is the process of producing steel TMT which is done through a series of heating and cooling of the bars at different temperatures. The repeated process of quenching makes the bar durable and stronger. MS Life 600+ steel TMT bars are merit quality products that are made with continuous billet caster and with the implementation of patented Italian technology.

Corrosion Resistant: With the ever-increasing cost of steel bars, it is definitely a matter of concern to spend on restructuring and maintenance. This happens due to the use of poor-quality steel bars that erodes due to adverse environmental effects. But BIS-certified steel TMT bars are durable against the harshest weather impact and last longer for years.

High ductility: Do you know superior-grade steel TMT bars like MS Life 600+ lend superior protection against seismic tremors? Building homes or construction projects with steel bars of the highest quality ensures complete insurance for your home’s longevity.

Excellent bendability: Using merit-quality TMT steel bars for construction minimizes construction costs by half since these bars can be easily bent to make eye-catching designs and shapes. Hence engineers and builders prefer using merit-grade TMT bars to execute construction at lower costs.

Thermal resistance: Superior grade TMT bars can withstand higher temperatures and hence offer superior protection against fire mishaps. Any kind of thermal expansion or contraction is ineffective on premium quality TMT bars thus lending superior security to your home and a one-time investment.

Defect-free: Also TMT bars don’t go through any kind of twisting process which makes the bars flawless without any surface defects. This means your home is permanently secured against any kind of weather impacts like humidity or extremely high temperature.

How to choose the best quality TMT bars?

To experience the above-mentioned advantages, you have to choose accordingly from various grades of TMT bars. TMT bars of different grades have different strengths and utilities and must be bought according to project requirements. The grade of TMT bars won’t be the same for constructing a home and a high-rise or commercial project. The type of grades available in the Indian market is Fe450, Fe500, Fe550, Fe600, and Fe600+.

To save construction costs without compromising on quality, I would recommend using MS Life 600+ TMT bars made by MS Life Steel. Our product portfolio also has superior-grade cuts and bends to ensure safe, happy, and cost-effective construction for everyone.

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