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Debunking 6 most common myths about Structural Steel | MSlife

Hi, I am K. Vedant, from Moinabad, with 3.5 years of experience in building and structural (multi-structure and superstructure) designing, specifically supervision. During my work tenure in the region, my team faced particular issues like the quality of water. Besides high humidity, the alkaline and salty water quality in this region is extremely unsuitable for construction, leading to an overall increase in construction costs. Moreover, the rising cost of construction products and high labor wages are added complexities for construction in the region. The only way to curb these challenges and reduce construction costs is to opt for a sustainable substitute like structural steel that is equally durable and highly malleable to carve various structural designs.

However, due to a lack of knowledge and awareness, many don’t consider structural steel fit for construction.

The following reasons are:

  1. Building made of structural steel is unattractive: The fact is structural steel has high malleability and can be easily molded into desirable structural shapes and designs in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of construction. Unlike general steel, structural steel can be painted and conjoined with other materials for carving desirable designs.
  2. Expensive: Partially true but a one-time investment worth lifetime satisfaction. Since any heavy-duty construction is meant for long-term durability, using structural steel for construction shields your lifetime investment from harsh weather elements without any periodic maintenance.
  3. Unable to maintain internal temperature: Proper insulation is a key factor to ensure the balanced internal temperature of the building. Structural steel is often blamed to be inappropriate in maintaining the internal temperature of buildings as they are susceptible to temperature changes. But the fact is that structural steel has higher heat efficiency than most regular construction materials like wood, concrete, and glass. Structural steel has a melting point of 1370 degrees C, which makes this steel a safe and cost-effective alternative for construction.
  4. Noisy: Using structural steel for roofing, flooring, and walls creates a noisy mess during rainfall and hailstorm. But that is not a problem anymore due to noise reduction insulation that prevents annoying internal noises and echoes and also outside noises from entering inside.
  5. Prone to lightning strikes: Steel being the best conductor of electricity is assumed to be more prone to lightning strikes. But the fact is structural steel is also a positive conductor to earth that transfers the energy straight down the ground and not in a destructive way.
  6. Prone to rust: Another myth to be busted about structural steel is they are prone to rusting over time. But in reality, structural steel comes with an exterior metallic coating of zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy and has excellent durability against harsh environmental and weather impacts.

Despite so many advantages of structural steel, their uses are still very limited in India due to lingering myths. But based on my years of work experience I can certainly confirm that structural steel is the most cost-effective alternative to costly construction materials and lock lifetime durability of home and construction projects. If you are eager to build your dream nest on a budget with uncompromised strength and durability then I would recommend MS Life 600+ TMT and our premium-grade steel products for ultimate satisfaction.

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