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Tips to choose correct TMT Bars for New Home Construction | MSlife

TMT bars are an indispensable essential of construction and the best reinforcement bars ensure a durable foundation for your dream nest and a lifetime investment. Home construction is quite a capital-intensive project and involves a lot of planning from the correct selection of TMT bars to choosing the right construction materials and workers that guarantee ultimate project satisfaction.

Do you know that choosing the right quality and grade of TMT bars can extend the lifespan of your home for a lifetime, while the poor quality and wrong grade of TMT bars wrecks your hard-earned investment in just a few years?

So, here are some basic tips to choose the right quality and grade of steel reinforcement bars for the construction of your new home.

Grade of TMT bars: The grade of TMT bars plays a vital role in ensuring the durability of your new home. Though the market offers some grades of TMT bars like Fe 400, Fe500, Fe550, Fe600, and Fe600+, choosing the right one is important.

Though each grade of TMT bar offers a different level of strength, choosing the right TMT bars guarantees unmatched durability for your projects.

Choosing the right brands: Selecting the right brand of TMT bars ensures optimal strength and durability for your home. One such reputed brand is MS Life steel, which delivers unmatched quality ribbed TMT bars crafted of leading-edge Italian technology. The market is undoubtedly flooded with several TMT bar manufacturing brands but only some have achieved unrivaled customer ratings and trust. So, always invest in a reputed brand like MS Life Steel to obtain uncompromised durability for your home.

ISO certified: While buying TMT bars, check the BIS mark and ISO certifications. This certification guarantees that the bars are of the highest quality like MS Life steel bars which is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

Corrosion resistance: Nowadays, choosing the right quality TMT bars also involves that the bars must be corrosion resistant to suit versatile construction requirements in different topography. MS Life 600+ steel TMT bars are highly suitable for heavy-duty construction of underground projects like tunnels and sewage systems. Hence the bars are galvanized with an external protective layer of zinc to safeguard construction in extremely humid regions.

High ductility: To ensure the optimum durability of your home against seismic tensions, we recommend using high-strength and highly ductile TMT bars that can withstand seismic tension while maintaining the structural integrity of your home. MS Life 600+ TMT bars are highly ductile and absorb seismic shock to protect your home from tremors.

Heat resistant: Choosing the right quality TMT bars ensures that your home is protected against high heat and fire events. Choosing the right quality TMT bars can safeguard your home from the extreme heat of up to 600 degrees Celsius. So make sure the bars you are buying for constructing a home have strong resistance against higher heat.

Now that you know the easy tips to select the best quality TMT bars, buy from a reputed brand such as MS Life Steel that delivers higher grade TMT bars trusted by the experts. Get high-quality MS Life ribbed reinforcement bars now for the uncompromised longevity of your hard-earned investment.

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