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Why integrated steel plants make the best quality TMT bars? | MS Life

Hello everyone, I am M. Mahesh, a civil engineer from Hyderabad with 12 years of experience in house planning and elevation design.

Based on my working experience in this black soil region with high air salinity, I recommend using only the best quality TMT bars with perfect surface and physical properties, preferably by an integrated steel plant.

Will tell you why.

With the staggering demand for various grade steel bars, many builders are using poor-quality bars produced by the rolling mills. These inferior bars might come cheaper but are severely impacted by the air salinity, hampering the longevity of the infrastructure. Hence, I recommend using only branded TMT bars and steel products from an integrated steel plant for unmatched durability.

But before I validate my preference with solid facts, let’s find out what is an integrated steel plant.

An integrated steel plant functions in an integrated way of manufacturing various steel products from the mine sourced raw materials like ore with complete control from the mines to mill journey. Most integrated steel plants are preferably located near the mines connected by rails for easy transportation of the raw materials to reduce the purchasing costs of the finished products.

Here are the reasons why integrated steel plants deliver merit quality TMT bars

Complete control on sourcing raw materials

Integrated steel plants have complete control of mining raw materials like iron ore, coal, and dolomite needed for manufacturing TMT bars. This strict quality checking ensures even the raw materials are of superior grade to maintain the physical and chemical properties of the bars during the manufacturing process.

Best quality low-cost bars

Another reason to buy TMT bars from integrated steel plants is their affordability. As the plants source raw materials from the nearby mines, the transport cost is significantly lesser leading to the manufacturing of low-cost and high-quality TMT bars.

Complete quality assurance

Every integrated steel plant follows a particular mechanism or says maintains an indigenous parameter for manufacturing TMT. Hence, you don’t have to doubt the quality of the product from an integrated steel plant as they are accurately crafted under expert supervision to maintain their properties by eliminating harmful elements.

Precise casting

Integrated steel plants like MS life implements automated roller for casting to lend the bars a uniform finish. Keeping in pace with the market demand for precision and durability, many integrated facilities have replaced steel rolls with tungsten carbide rolls to ensure maximum durability and precise finish.

Punctual production and delivery

In an integrated facility, the entire process from mining raw materials to testing properties and manufacturing products till dispatch is a time-bound process that is executed with extreme precision to meet the market demand without compromising on quality.

Based on my working experience in a mine-to-mill facility, I can surely confirm all these parameters are strictly met in MS life, an integrated steel plant that specializes in manufacturing premium grade 600+ TMT bars and other top-grade steel products for construction.

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