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4 Steps to assure construction quality control | MS Life

Hello everyone….!

This is Gopi Krishna Yadav, civil engineer from Tandur, Telangana, with 15 years of experience in individual house planning, land surveying, and constructing multi-story projects.

In Tandur, Telangana, wall cracks are fairly common whether constructing a structure or a house, even in newly constructed ones. This is owing to the presence of saline and the coastal climate, both of which have an impact on steel. To avoid these in freshly constructed structures, no compromises may be made in terms of material quality; it is critical to utilise graded and branded steel tmt bars.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is how important it is to maintain construction quality to avoid cracks and other damages

The construction business relies heavily on maintaining quality during a project. This allows the company to grow while maintaining its reputation. However, despite its importance, construction quality is frequently disregarded. According to studies, more than half of construction errors are caused by human factors such as inexperienced labour or a lack of supervision, while the rest errors are caused by material and system failure. Always use the best TMT bars in India in your construction to ensure a stable foundation.

To ensure construction quality control I will be sharing 4 important steps that should be followed in order ensure quality construction

  1. Select the best raw materials: When I start with my projects after understanding the client’s brief, I ensure that the best raw materials are used in the construction that meet the standard requirement. To provide your construction with a solid base use only the best TMT bars in India which comes with ISO certification. I trust MS Life 600+ TMT bars since it makes the foundation of a building strong and stable. It can also resist earthquakes and can withstand any adverse climate.
  2. Create an inspection plan: I prefer to create an inspection plan. The inspection procedure helps you to assess whether a particular work was accomplished according to standards. It’s how you’ll know if you’ve met the acceptance criteria established in the first phase. The team must be aware of what will be inspected, when inspections will take place, and who will be in charge of carrying them out. Third-party inspectors may be used in some instances.
  3. Ensuring safety compliance: Proper safety and compliance policies are necessary to avoid inadequate or improper work. It also ensures workers safety. For my projects I ensure that the workers get adequate breaks since an overworked labour may seek shortcut methods which can reduce the quality of construction.
  4. Select skilled labourers: Make sure that your team comprises skilled labourers. Assign the appropriate individuals to the appropriate jobs. Make sure that the construction team is aware of the project’s quality criteria.

No matter how large or small your construction project is, remember to follow these measures to ensure construction quality control.

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