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What is Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)? Know More About It | MS Life

A perfect home needs the right planning, accurate estimation, and also best quality building materials. If you are looking for TMT bars in Tamil Nadu or Hyderabad, you can rely completely on MS Life to get nothing but the best.

TMT Bars are an essential part of your home construction as they can make your home strong, fire-resistant, and also earthquake-resistant. Always choose the best quality TMT Bar which is absolutely strong and flexible making it everlasting. The Thermo Mechanical Treatment used in making TMT Bars results in a strong outer layer outside which makes it tensile while the inner core remains soft and is highly ductile. Thus it gets its flexibility.

Here the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) will be discussed in detail.

Bar Bending Schedule is done based on the reinforced concrete work item. Bar bending needs all particulars of bars which include the shape, diameter, angles of bending, length of every bent, the straight portions, overall length of bars, and the number of each type of bar. This helps in the estimation of the quantities.

Bar Bending Schedule is nothing but the calculation of the total quantity of TMT Steel Bars that are required for building construction.

The construction industry has undergone rapid changes in the last few decades. Now it is no more just 4 storey buildings that we used to see previously but 100+ storey buildings are also being constructed.

As per the old construction method the usage of four steel bars in the column was used but now 15+ steel bars are used post load analysis. The rise in world population has actually demanded more spaces in small areas and to fit the same this needs to be done.

Points to be looked for Bar Bending Schedule

  • TMT Steel Bars needs to be kept together in a group and should be well distributed for each floor
  • Bars should be placed in numeric orders
  • Each bar should have labels mentioning the length, size, and shape of the bar
  • In bar bending, the cutting schedule, its length, and bending length should be calculated separately.

Using the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) you can determine the quantity of steel required in the construction of your house. This helps to get an accurate estimation of steel. It also reduces the wastage of steel and it becomes economic. Once you get a clear picture, cutting and bending can be done at the warehouse before transporting to the site which can reduce the transportation cost also. So, while estimating and choosing if you are in South India, always choose the best TMT bars in Tamil Nadu or Hyderabad, MS Life.

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