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Types of Masonry in Indian Construction | MS Life

My name is Surya Prakash Reddy. I am a civil engineer with a master’s degree. I’ve been working as a civil engineer at Surya Constructions in Nandyal for the past six years.

I specialize in low-cost home construction. I’ve been a member of the Nandyal Engineers Association for the past four years.

I am here to discuss about the types of Masonry in Indian Construction:

Masonry falls to be extremely important in construction. It is important to choose the right masonry and good quality construction materials to get the desired results while building your dream home. The construction industry is growing every year and is being aided by modern technologies. Here we will speak about the recent types of masonries used by construction industries.

Types of Masonry Used in Modern Construction

  • Mud Masonry

It is nothing but a mixture of soil with water and is used as masonry in construction. This type is very weak in strength when compared to different types of mortar. This type of material gives a warm and also comfortable environment inside the house but this is not advised for areas that experience wet climatic conditions.

  • Reinforced Masonry

This type of masonry involves combined construction where the masonry units resist compressive pressure while the inner support opposes flexible pressure. Reinforced masonry is used in machinery so that it can lend strong support to the concrete structure.

  • Brick Masonry

Considered as one of the most common techniques, brick masonry is used for any building construction. The power of this type of masonry solely depends on the mortar quality and size of the brick used and also the process of the binding tool.

  • Composite Masonry

This type of masonry is usually used with two different types of building materials. This is one of the most affordable or reasonable options for builders in the construction of buildings.

  • Concrete Masonry

Concrete block is reasonable and is highly resistant to fire. This makes it a popular choice among builders. The concrete blocks used are larger as compared to bricks. So it requires less time in placing the blocks. These are usually heavy in weight and are utilized greatly for building schools and factories.

  • Lime Masonry

Lime masonry is a composition of lime and combined with sand and water. This specific type of masonry gives a benefit to all types of fine and decorative buildings. The texture of this masonry is also gentler than cement. Being an engineer I always advise homeowners to utilize good concrete, high-grade steel, and focus on the foundation depth. When building a house, one should use high-quality TMT bars such as MS Life TMT bars. The bendability, ductility make is resistant to earthquake. As we know buying the right TMT bar is critical in construction. It is nothing but a lifetime investment so get to know the size first that is needed and do not compromise on quality. Be it a 12mm TMT bar price or any other check with the best brands like MS Steel before investing. Along with selecting the right TMT bar, do consider the size like 12mm TMT bar and its price, but think of the quality.

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