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Tips for Reducing Material Construction Costs in 2022

Hello, my name is N. Bhaskara Rao, and I’m a civil engineer from Kakinada, with 25 years of expertise specializing in elevation and developing unique ideas.

I am here to share some common tips to reduce construction costs.

You may surely have some extravagant design for your dream home, but if you wish to keep your finances under control it’s better to choose a standard design. You can buy construction materials from MS Life Steel to maintain good stability and sound structure of your dream construction.

The construction of a home involves a large investment of our life. You will surely want to see the best materials at great prices. But getting the same is quite a hectic affair. Here we will discuss the things that can help reduce the construction cost in India. You need to choose a good steel manufacturing company. Experts feel that small steps, if taken correctly can reduce the overall building cost by 12-15%.

 Here are some common tips that I suggest to keep the price of your overall construction down:

 1. Go for a standard design:

It is always better to go for a standard design for the house which can actually save your money if you are choosing materials of the right brand. You might dream of having some fancy designs but don’t go for them if you don’t have enough funds for the same.

 2. Selecting the plot:

When searching for a plot, choose one that is properly connected and has the proper road level. If you build your home on a rocky foundation, the cost of construction will skyrocket. You should have proper site supervision performed, as this will significantly reduce your additional costs. In Kakinada the climate affects steel that is why graded steel should be used as the soil is mostly red and black. Construction on such soil necessitates the use of specific sand and building materials. River sand, high-grade TMT bars, and red bricks are examples.

3. Consider Life Cycle Costs:

While you are constructing your dream home, you need to consider the life cycle costs. Low-cost housing does not involve low-quality housing as it is all about bringing down the construction cost without compromising on the qualities and amenities. Consider the total costs incurred for the house as it will sustain for a lifetime. With an expert’s assistance just a call away or by visiting online portals you can choose materials without making it hefty for your pocket.

4. Buy the best:

If you want to keep the cost of your construction low, you’ll need to get your supplies from the good steel manufacturing company. Get everything from bricks to TMT bars to fittings from a reputable authorized provider. To save money, people frequently purchase low-grade TMT bars. This may appear to be a decent cost-cutting approach at first, but it can jeopardize your home’s base or foundation.

5. Use technology:

Now websites of prominent brands will help you with the amount of materials needed for your construction. These platforms are quick and can save you from running here and there.

6. Employing efficient mason:

The majority of the time, ineffective masons are hired who have no understanding of optimum mixing ratios and slab setting. To ensure that the work is completed effectively and without compromising on the quality, efficient masons with expertise and experience must be employed.

Challenges and how to overcome them

In my area of operation, that is Kakinada, one thing is very commonly observed that the newly constructed house develops cracks. This happens due to the presence of salinity and the coastal climate which affects steel. In order to avoid these, for newly constructed buildings, no compromise can be made regarding the quality of the materials and it is very essential to use graded and branded steel. 

No matter how big or small, each and every construction is important, because it is not just about a structure, but  dreams, aspirations and fulfillment of every individual.

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