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The Technologies Used by MS Life Steel as one of the Top 10 Steel Companies in India | MS Life

Companies that use technologies can gain a significant competitive advantage. The companies in the steel industry are no exception. In fact, the top 10 steel companies in India have always leveraged technological innovations to earn an edge over their competitors. In any construction project, maximum emphasis is often laid on the quality of materials used. This is exactly what marked the emergence of steel as a key material for any type of construction project. Today, steel TMT bars are one of the primary components in the construction of residential as well as large-scale industrial projects.

A big reason behind the unprecedented growth in the popularity of MS Life’s TMT bars is the array of advanced, technologically superior features. These bars are strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, and flexible. The plethora of unique attributes make it an automatic choice for any construction project. All these utility-driven and mind-blowing properties are all due to the fine blend of quality materials and the adoption of cutting-edge technological innovation.

Here is a glimpse:

a)    German Technology – A chunk of the manufacturing process is governed by state-of-the-art German technology. This technology is the secret behind the production of high strength bars. Using German technology, MS Life became the first brand to introduce 500, 550, and 600 grade TMT bars in South India.

b)    Finest Raw Materials – Only the finest quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing process. The raw materials are imported from some of the top mines around the world. The ingredients come from different countries such as South Africa.

c)    Better Bond Strength – Innovation is also a big reason behind the unique rib pattern design of 600 TMT bar makes it bond seamlessly with cement. This facilitates a smooth construction process.

d)    Ultra-modern Lab – The cutting-edge lab is used to run a series of quality checks of raw materials and the finished products.

e)    Automatic Cut and Bend Machine – MS Life’s TMT bars are an excellent choice for innovative construction projects because it facilitates customization. Automated machines are used to customize the length and bends catering to individual requirements. MS Life uses the latest Italian Cut and Bend technology.

f)    PUC Technology – During the intense manufacturing process, these bars are exposed to severe temperatures. PUC technology is used to acquire a desirable temperature for superior yield strength.

g)    Program Logic Control System – This is another innovative technology used with Auto Water System to spray water at high pressure to bring down the temperature.

Adopting technological innovation is always one of the main priorities of MS Life. There is always a scope for bolstering the quality using the latest technologies. Being one of the top 10 steel companies in India, MS Life Steelnever hesitated to embrace innovation and it is a big reason behind its ability to maintain consistency in quality.

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