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Facts to Keep in Mind to Build a Structurally Strong House | MS Life

If you are planning to build your own house, it is critical to make it structurally safe and strong. Once your architect finalizes the plan as per your design, then it gets to the contractor. It is important to look into the quality of construction material so always choose from the best steel manufacturers in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, or Mumbai wherever you are. The reinforced bar, sand, and cement that are used need to be carefully checked by the contractor.

Check if the materials you are using can withstand any weather hazards.

Here are some important facts for a house structurally that is well-built.

Testing Soil

Testing of the soil in the land before you begin construction is extremely important. Check your contractor to do soil testing and then check the report. Based on the report of soil testing the material, the composition needs to be chosen.

Structural Design

Structural Design is a technical thing that an expert needs to look into. Your dream home should last long and be strong enough to withstand hazards like earthquakes. Ask your contractor to select the TMT bars that are earthquake resistant, flexible, and strong so that the structure can withstand if the TMT Bar used has the perfect mix of strength and flexibility.

Reinforced Cement Concrete

Concrete strength depends largely on how much load a construction can withstand. So always check that the concrete mix used is to be prepared on-site or ready-made concrete mix is to be used. Ready concrete mixes are better as they are certified and pass through a lot of testing laboratories.

Thickness of Wall

The recommended thickness of all walls needs to be at least 9 inches thick. Below this any walls made are not structurally safe thus won’t be able to bear the load.


Always check for electrical wiring, fittings of any kind, and accessories including wall décor that these are as per your needs, suitability, and choice. Always check the brand used for these fixtures.

You can ask your contractor to run an audit and make the changes as per the audit report. Many reputed builders in India are doing the audit registered with the ‘Quality Council of India’. This can make you rest assured that your house is structurally good, the best materials have been used, the best steel manufacturers in Hyderabad or your near locale have been contacted and there is no unknown threat.

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