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Two Important Types of TMT Bars Used for Construction | MS Life

A premium quality TMT bar is used in the construction of any private or civil engineering structure. The choice of TMT bars is also dependent on the size and strength of the building. Along with the strength and size of the construction, the buyer also checks the chemical composition and mechanical properties. The quality of the TMT bars is important because it is responsible for providing a strong and long-lasting base to the structure. The smallest to the largest steel company in India follows the grading standards of their TMT bars based on primarily ductility, bendability, heat resistance, among other criteria. 

A premium quality TMT bar is manufactured in sizes between 8mm- 32 mm in diameter.

Top Two Types Of TMT Bars,-

600+ Grade

This is one of the strongest TMT bars used in the construction of heavy-duty infrastructures like bridges, underground and marine facilities. 600+ is preferred due to its high tensile strength; this grade of bar reduces the overall consumption and provides lesser steel congestion within the reinforcement.

Utilized for:

This grade of TMT bar is used for expressways, plants, towers, metro projects, commercial properties, and industrial areas. This grade is preferred over other grades due to its ductility, load-bearing strength, and corrosion resistance.


  • The steel content is less, it can cut down the weight somewhere near 8-10% in transportation. It will also lower the related expense.
  • It reflects the ideal utilization of the assets
  • Lower the expenses of procurement and development
  • It is useful for seismic tremors due to its high quality.

Cut & Bend

Cut & bent steel is a product innovation that is developed with the help of Italian technology. It helps in creating accurate and tailor-made steel with measured lengths for specific projects. The process is carried out with a precise and automated machine producing accurately cut steel rods with exact blueprint and specification.

Utilized for:

The steel rebars are used for the construction of various structures. It is pre-fabricated and ready to use for specific equipment and buildings. It is utilized for some portion of a huge construction project for commercial, residential, and industrial construction.


  • Zero waste of steel
  • The lower financial cost of production
  • Elimination of huge storage and heavy transportation
  • It is prepared with a simple safe and operational method
  • Great response capacity and delivery flexibility

The longevity of construction is highly dependent on the use of the right TMT bars. MS Life supplies high-quality TMT bars for various construction projects. It is among the largest steel companies in India in terms of excellence, supply, and price value. Their product details can be viewed at https://mslife.com/. The delivery process is seamless.

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