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Why are Ribs Important in TMT Bars

Modern construction industry relies mainly on steel reinforcement bars (TMT Bars) for all construction structures. TMT Bar is strong, earthquake resistant, ductile, corrosion and is also fire resistant.

Thermex Cooling Technology is used to produce best quality Bars.  The TMT Bars become highly ductile with solid strength and elongation capability. So the quality and demand is also responsible for today’s ms steel rate or any others.

Why Ribs are Important in TMT bars?

  • Ribs are important as they bond the concrete and the bar. The structures become strong with bond concrete and also it helps to endure the structure during any natural calamity like earthquake or flood.
  • The Ribbed on TMT Bars increases its strength greatly. This helps to distribute the load evenly across the entire TMT bar.
  • Ribs ensures than the concrete is well gripped. It reduces slipping off the same during construction. Because of the strong bonding the maintenance cost is low.

Ribbed Reinforced Bars

Reinforced Steel Bars has double rows of crosswise ribs and are distributed so uniformly that entire length is covered and it ensures efficient bonding with concrete.

Reinforced Steel Bars

Steel bars that are circular or usually have semi circular cross section and can be used in RCC (Reinforcement of Cement Concrete).

Nominal Cross Sectional Area

This is nothing but the ribs that are there in the cross sectional zone of a bar.

Longitudinal Rib

This is uniform and consistent to the vertical of the steel reinforced bar.

Transverse Rib

This is usually on the outside of the steel support bar other than a longitudinal rib.

What is Rib Height of TMT Bars?

This is nothing but a place from where the Rib begins and moves up to the surface of the core. TMT Bars are lighter in weight and also reduces transportation cost. The best quality TMT Bars are the ones produced in integrated steel plant. So, always use nothing but the best for your construction. The consistent demand has raised the price has helped the Indian manufacturers as per report. If you wish to check today’s ms or other steel rate you can simply check our website.

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