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What Makes TMT Bars Superior? | MS Life

The Thermo mechanically treated TMT bars display high yield strength. The process of rapid quenching of the hot bars with water jets after they roll out of the last mill stand allows the bars to cool and the core and the surface temperature to equalize. This treatment on TMT bars enhances strength and makes them valuable without the loss of strength at the welded joints. They display excellent ductility and malleability. These TMT bars prove to be earthquake resilient. They display high thermal resistance and significantly save on the cost of steel. Let us see what top steel companies in India advise on the purchase of TMT bars.

What should consumers prefer?

  • When purchasing TMT bars from the market lookout for the unique ribbed pattern design. This makes the bars bond better with concrete, offering a sturdier foundation to the construction.
  • A perfect ring formation across the TMT bars helps them get a stronger grip.
  • German technology like stop-start shears and patented Thermex treatment systems makes the cost of the TMT bars compatible without compromising on strength.
  • Deformed bars exhibit superior quality that is highly sought after by civil engineers across the globe.
  • Quality bars maintain stringent standards of grade measurement and are therefore the preferred brands in the market.

How to check the TMT bars?

The gradation

TMT bars come in multiple grades. The higher the strength the better is the quality of the TMT bar. Available grades in India are Fe 415, Fe 500, and Fe 550/600.

Brand and Certification:

Check the brand before purchasing and the ISO certification. Go for brands that are BIS and ISO certified. Do not compromise on quality.

Cutting & Bending:

Builders need to cut and bend the TMT bars. A quality bar does not crack while cutting and bending at 180 degrees when making rebars or stirrups.

Rust Resistant:

Good quality galvanized bars are corrosion and rustproof. High-quality TMT bars are preferred in water and flood-prone land.

Eye Test:

Purchase TMT bards that bear the company seal. The bar should be rust free with a fresh and new look. Each bundle should be of equal length.

Purchase from a trusted source like MS life Steel which is amongst the most trusted steel companies in India. Their TMT bars are easily available owing to the wide network of dealers. Purchase the required length of steel to avoid wastage and shortage in construction.

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