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Top 6 construction tips to follow during the monsoon | MS Life

Hello, my name is Royya Manikyam and I am a civil engineer from NAGARKURNOOL. I have 10 years of construction knowledge and expertise. My main area of expertise is multi-structure, superstructure buildings and also planning vaastu compliant buildings.

Construction is itself a challenging work but during the monsoon period it becomes extremely challenging. Builders, construction companies, and homeowners should be aware that the monsoon season may have an influence on year-round construction projects. It is particularly challenging in my location due to a scarcity of skilled labourers, especially during the monsoon season. So planning before starting the construction of any structure is very vital.

So, I am sharing five construction guidelines that one should keep in mind during the monsoon season to ensure that the construction projects go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Always plan in advance
    Being a civil engineer I prefer to plan in advance for all my projects. According to me the two most important components for a successful building project, especially during the monsoon season, are preparation and planning. It is crucial to plan ahead of time for all materials and equipment, as this will ensure a smooth, efficient, and consistent workflow for your project. Always have a backup plan in place so that everyone in the project knows what to do in the event of a major downpour, and keep your project members up to date on the latest weather forecast updates.
  2. Safeguard your equipment for monsoon
    Constant rain is one of the most inconvenient things for any construction project, and it can do significant damage to your building site and equipment. Waterproof tarps are an economical and effective solution to protect your equipment and project site. Choose high-quality tarps to provide a protective covering for your construction equipment.
  3. Employ monsoon-specific equipment
    When it comes to construction during the monsoon, there are always certain sorts of materials that are appropriate for the rainy season and certain types that do not. Keep an eye out for rain and be sure the equipment you’re using will survive it if it gets wet.
  4. Be cautious about the foundation
    The secret to excellent building is to lay a solid foundation. A solid foundation can only be built with the best TMT bars in India. I trust MS Life 600 + TMT bars, it is one of the best TMT bars in India for construction of residential houses. It has a 16 percent typical elongation, resulting in superior ductility; a distinctive rib pattern design helps the bars to connect well with concrete, resulting in a stable foundation.
  5. Prevent rainwater accumulation
    You also have to prevent rainwater from collecting at the bottom of the foundation which will decrease the building’s foundation and overall strength. Advice your workers to wait for it to dry before starting to pour concrete or else the total strength will be compromised.
  6. Safety comes first
    One of the most crucial factors is to always consider safety first. One thing to remember is that the safety of your workers is the most crucial aspect of any construction site, and this is especially true during the rainy season. Wind and rain can be dangerous on the job site. Ascertain that your crew is rain-ready by introducing all rain appropriate gears.

Keep these 6 tips in mind for smooth sailing of any construction project in monsoon.

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