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Know Why Yield Strength and Elongation are The Important Features of TMT Bars | MS Life

Hi I am K. Vedant, a civil engineer with 3.5 years of knowledge and experience in the field of construction. My specialty lies mainly in multi structure and superstructure buildings.

To build a superstructure or a multi structure building I always check the elongation and yield strength of a TMT bar. The Elongation property allows the bar to bend and give shape to the structure. It determines how much bending and shaping a material can withstand before breaking.

Let us know why Yield Strength and Elongation are considered to be the important features of TMT bars,and what the Best steel in South INDIA is. 

For an everlasting home you need a strong and unshakable foundation. The best way to ensure that your dream property becomes a lasting hallmark is to strengthen its foundation with the correct materials and the  best steel bar for house construction  

Why are Yield Strength and Elongation Important?

Steel have property of ductility, elongation. Ductility is stretching of Steel, when we stretch it increase in size that is elongation. when tension pulling forces apply on steel, it can be stretch at that point where, it regains original shape after removing stress is elastic limit or point (elasticity) that measured as Yield strength of steel. When maximum tension pulling forces apply on steel, it can be stretch at that point where, it does not regain its original shape after removing stress that measured as Ultimate tensile strength of steel.

Fracture strength – The tension stress at which the steel breaks or fractures and fails is known as fracture strength or Tensile strength of steel.

But for design purposes, we should not allow the steel to be permanently deformed or fracture. So, we take the yield strength into consideration for design purposes of structure member column, beam, slab & other structure. This helps in ensuring that the steel is not allowed to be deformed at all permanently and fracture. Hence, yield strength is simply taken as tensile strength of reinforcement thus Yield strength is critical in engineering structural design as when confronted with unanticipated impact loads such as explosions, fire, or natural calamities such as earthquakes, the plastic region of the TMT Steel Bar becomes critical, as it contributes a major amount of the energy absorbed by the TMT Steel Bar in such conditions.

I suggest before selecting the best steel bar for house construction, always check its yield strength and elongation property.

Let us now head towards the challenges that I faced as an engineer in my area.

I have worked in Moinabad, Hyderabad for quite some time and the major challenge that I have faced is the arid climate where there is a scarcity of water and the water which is available contains high levels of saline which degrades the building material including the steel TMT bars. That is why I always suggest high graded and branded steel capable of withstanding the challenges of nature with high yield strength and elongation properties so that we can easily erect architectural marvels. 

Hence I personally prefer MS Life Steel 600+ TMT Bars as it combines the best qualities of strength, ductility, and quality consistency. Due to their low carbon content and good physical qualities, they are tough and robust, have high malleability, ductility, and weldability, and have elongation properties of 18 to 24 percent. Thus, they are among the Best steel in South INDIA. MS Life TMT bars are an ideal choice for a climate that has salinity in air.

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