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TMT Bars

Keep Your Home Safe by Choosing the Right TMT Bars

When it comes to home building maintaining material quality is paramount. TMT bars for house construction are an essential component. Using TMT bars of good quality will ensure that your house lasts for generations.

TMT thermomechanical treatment is a process that is used to treat the bars with heat and mechanical deformation. This treatment gives the bars higher tensile strength and makes them resistant to stress and strain. 

While choosing TMT bars for home building relying on the vendors to choose the right quality bars could be a bad decision. Low-cost materials will significantly lower your construction cost but will endanger your building. Ensure you maintain the right quality and grade to fight against weathering, earthquakes, or any natural disaster. Strong support from high-quality TMT bars is vital.

Let us look at the features that a TMT bar for your home must-have.

  • The TMT bar used for home construction needs strength flexibility and longevity.
  • According to ISI standards, the 600 grade Steel reinforced bars have these properties and are ideal for home usage and all types of constructions.
  • TMT bars with a capacity of 32mm can be tested with a UTM (universal testing machine) that measures the reinforcement of a bar.

Bending and re-bending testing

Those bars that do not have the right materials tend to bend easily. Checking the bending properties before purchasing it will help you in taking the right decision. The bending radius should not be below the relative standard size. If the bending performance is not right, then the construction reinforcement will be affected.

Yield Test 

A yield test assesses the deformity elasticity of the bar which is the ability of the bar to return to its original position when the stress is released. Both aluminum and steel are ductile and cast iron and glass are brittle. Comparing the properties of both helps in understanding two different categories.

Chemical test

A chemical test is done by a spectrometer on the 26 elements present in the TMT bars. It reveals the percentage of carbon, phosphorus, and sulfur in the batch. The value of the copper manganese and chromium percentage is also revealed. 

When you think of TMT bars for home construction, think of MS Life. They are reputedly at the forefront of TMT bars and follow the latest technology in the industry. They are a major supplier to the southern states of India and are a trusted name in home builders.

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