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TMT Bars

Key Characteristic of a Premium Quality TMT Bar

TMT bars are high intensity bars build with soft inner core and durable outer core for higher resistance and ductility. Selecting TMT bars for a construction project is not easy and knowing a suitable grade of TMT bars for a particular project is not all you need. It is important to be clear about some of the key characteristics for the right selection of bars.

Most of the manufactures that produce the top 10 TMT bars in Tamil Nadu, and other neighboring states focus on meeting these characteristics in TMT bars for quality production.


The quenching process in the bars keeps the inner core soft while hardened the outer layer of the steel bars. TMT bars become more flexible because of this process. The bending and cutting strength of a TMT bar is determined by the Bar Bending Schedule Certification. The higher bendability of the bars results in better molding and can be utilized for a variety of construction projects.


The Best TMT bars in India must have a low carbon content for a hassle-free welding operation. For the steel rebar to be outstanding, the steel mesh should be free of any pre-or post-welding treatment. Steel bars having this property are preferred for construction.

Seismic resistance:

If the TMT bars have a strong concrete link with the building, earthquakes, or any major disaster will keep the building unaffected. TMT bars with increased tensile strength make the structures seismic-resistant. Buildings that meet the seismic code criteria are capable of withstanding earthquakes or any kind of natural disaster.

Dimension Tolerance:

Nominal values stated in the BIS Code are used to determine dimension tolerance. The meterage per unit weight for competent TMT bars is higher than it is for ordinary TMT bars.

Fire Resistance:

TMT bars of the highest quality have stronger thermal stability and retain an average of 80% of their ambient temperature yielding strength at 300°. As a result, the concrete construction is equipped with fire-resistant features. These key features combined set the highest standards in TMT bars. MS Life follows quality-manufacturing techniques, and its products rank as one of the top 10 TMT bars in Tamil Nadu. They have a wide range of distribution in Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.

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