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TMT Bars Manufacturers in Hyderabad Discuss Key Construction Materials for Home Construction | MS Life

Ingredients that are utilized for home construction are denoted as construction materials like – cement, TMT rebars from TMT bars manufacturers in Hyderabad, sand, brick, aggregates, clay, and others. These are the most common material that is used in construction. Since the quality of the materials decides the power and durability of the structure, it cannot be disregarded or compromised.

List of essential building/construction materials and their typical usage:


Cement is the essential binder in construction and it is available in different grades as per the Indian Standards (IS) like –

  • 33 Grade Cement – It is utilized for common construction work and it is appropriate for lesser concrete grades such as M15 or M20.
  • 43 Grade Cement – Itis used for plastering, concrete work, precast items such as tiles, blocks, etc. and it is most apt for concrete grade mix up to M30.
  • 53 Grade Cement – It is appropriate to use on or above concrete grade mix of M25. Presently, usage of higher grade has become vital, so 53 Grade is the maximum used Grade for all sorts of building purposes.

TMT bar

TMT rebars are the chief constituent to provide reinforcement to your concrete structure. MS Life TMT bar bonds with RCC and hold the structure together and it comes in various Grades such as – Fe 415, Fe 415D, Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550, Fe 550D, Fe 600, etc.


Sand (particles of broken rock) is a crucial materials for construction because it delivers bulk, power, and various other properties to the concrete.

Different kinds of sands are –

  • River Sand – It is extremely effective for plastering and other construction needs.
  • Coarse Sand or Pit Sand – It is generally used in concreting.
  • M Sand – M Sand is utilized as a substitute for River Sand.


  • Unburnt Bricks – Sun-dried bricks are known as unburnt bricks and these are commonly used for impermanent structures.
  • Burnt Bricks – These are are sub-categorized into four categories –
  • First Class Bricks – These are vastly suitable for load-bearing and other masonry construction purposes.
  • Second Class Bricks – These are now extensively used in metro cities. They are mostly utilized in the building of flats where a huge quantity of the product is required.
  • Third Class Bricks – These are ordinarily used for temporary structures.
  • Fourth Class Bricks –These bricks are utilized as coarse aggregate in the majority of cases.


Aggregate in construction is utilized for mixing with cement. It provides strength and volume to the completed structure. It is actually an additive to concrete mixtures.

In construction never-ending list of things is required. Cement, TMT rebars from TMT bars manufacturers in Hyderabad, sand, brick, etc. are few things whose quality or required quantity we cannot negotiate.

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