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Steel Manufacturers in India Talk about Certain Significant Facts about the Structurally Robust House

Planning to build your own house is not an easy task as it is crucial to understand how it can be structurally secure and interminable. In the Indian context, most individuals like to have their customized plan with the assistance of an expert architect. But they tend to depend on contractors who primarily focus on the quality of construction materials like – TMT rebars from the top steel manufacturers in India, cement, sand, etc. But all contractors are not well aware of the science behind the quality steel. So, it is better to have a trained civil engineer as your contractor.

Now, we will discuss a few important details that help you to build a structurally sound house –

Soil Testing

Soil testing is the first step towards building a structurally robust house. Since the quality of soil differs from place to place, testing is carried out to guard the structure against unfamiliar risks. Thus, request your contractor to go for soil testing and never forget to check the report. The soil testing report will help to decide the materials, composition, and various other matters.

Structural Design

Structural design demands the attention of an expert as it’s absolutely technical. Your house should be both robust and flexible enough to withstand natural calamities. Sometimes contractors pick the TMT bars that are strong but the ductility is nominal. The structure can endure an earthquake, etc. if the selected MS Life TMT bars have an impeccable balance of strength and flexibility. Therefore, based on the design you need a skilled professional to ensure it is implemented well.

Concrete Mix

Since concrete strength is directly reliant on the structure’s load, checking the concrete mix becomes very vital. There are two ways of making concrete mix – 1) It can be made on site. 2) Readymade concrete mix is obtainable from the market.

Since it is impossible to monitor the mix on site, it is prudent to select the ready concrete mix that is available with the certification of testing laboratories in the market.

Wall Thickness

According to recommendations, all walls should be a minimum of 9 inches thick. Anything below this is structurally unsafe and consequently poor for load-bearing.

Finishing Touch and Fixtures

Finishing and fixtures should be according to your desires. Consequently, ensure that the electrical wiring and fittings, bathroom fittings and accessories, wall décor, etc. are as per your choice or of optimum quality, and the products should be certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Construction materials like cement, MS Life TMT bars from top steel manufacturers in India, etc. are important but taking note of the above elements will ensure that your house is structurally sound.

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