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600+ Reinforcement Rebars – All About These Superior-Quality Earthquake-Resistant TMT Bars

During the course of history, mankind has created extraordinary civilizations, cities, and, imposing buildings. But time and again those have encountered the wrath of Nature.  Earthquakes are one of the most damaging natural forces. The seismic waves sent throughout the ground can destroy concrete structures; end lives and can cost a tremendous amount of financial loss due to complete destruction, repair, and restoration investments. According to the National Disaster Management Authority and Bureau of Indian Standards, 38 cities in India are located in high-risk seismic zones. Now, for the first time in India MS Life, the largest steel producer in India provided a solution to all this destruction and damage. Their brand new 600+ reinforcement bar is earthquake-resistant and acts as great support for concrete structures.

Let’s explore this 600+ TMT rebar (manufactured by MS Life Steel for the first time in India) a bit more in detail –

  • It has the finest combination of strength, ductility, and unmatched quality dependability. These are great features for TMT bars that can be utilized for building earthquake-proof structures.
  • This brand new TMT steel bar is robust and resilient, with a high amount of malleability, ductility, weldability, and provides elongation properties of 18% to 24% due to their low carbon level and high physical properties.
  • The distinctive rib pattern design of the 600+ TMT bar helps the bars bond better with concrete giving shape to a durable and tough foundation. A tough and flexible foundation is inevitable to make a building earthquake-resistant as it can absorb and deal with the shockwaves better.
  • MS Life’s Thermo process German technologies like Stop-Start shears and patented Thermex treatment systems let the manufacturer manufacture cost-effective, high power, deformed rebars of superlative quality. These reinforcement bars are guaranteed to satisfy the earthquake-resistant requirements and demands of all Civil Engineers even at the global level.

MS Life Steel came up with this exclusive, high-quality product amid this pandemic situation. The steel industry as a whole is going through worrying times. During the lockdown, there was a reverse migration of workers which led to the labour shortage especially in sectors that are labor-intensive like construction. Even now, the situation is not back to normal since few have returned after the lifting of the nationwide lockdown. The construction industry is a big client of the steel industry and accounts for a considerable amount of their business. If the construction industry slows down, it adversely impacts the demand for steel products typically required for construction like TMT bars and other steel products. Again, the labour scarcity causes disruption in the loading and unloading of raw materials and finished products at the plants, warehouses, construction sites, etc. Beating all these odds, MS Life stuck to what it does best – innovation and delivering the highest quality TMT bars to its esteemed customers.

So, if you’re interested in protecting your home, building, construction project, etc., against the disastrous effects of the earthquake, don’t be late in getting your hands on 600+ TMT bars from MS Life the largest steel producer in India.

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