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Top 7 reasons to use tmt bars for a new home constructions | Ms Life

Hello, I am Mahaveer H, a civil engineer from Chitradurga with 13 years of extensive experience in commercial, residential, and industrial building construction. And the one thing or supply common in any construction site is TMT bars used for strengthening the framework and foundation of the buildings. However, when it comes to the construction of a new home or building, I always recommend using merit quality TMT bars from a top-tier steel company like MS Life that I rate 9/10 for their time-tested strength and ductility.

Curious to know why I insist so. That’s because home construction is a one-time investment and hence should not be compromised using low-cost and inferior-quality TMTs that can risk both the longevity and appeal of the construction. So, always implement the best use of merit-quality reinforced steel bars to ensure reinforced longevity of your home and every bit of investment. Here I am rounding up some compelling reasons to use only premium-quality TMT for home construction

Perfect bonding with the concrete:-

While TMT bars are used to reinforce the structure, you cannot expect the same performance from inferior-quality steel bars. I only recommend bars with rib patterns to gain solid bonding with the concrete to boost its tensile strength. 

Superior elongation:-

Merit quality reinforcement bars like MS Life 600+ offer superior bendability of up to 18-24% which makes them the ultimate high-demanding bars for construction in seismic-prone zones. So, if you are planning to build your dream home in earthquake prone regions, implement only superior-grade TMT bars for maximum protection against nature’s odd.

Corrosion resistant:-

High-grade TMT with flawless surface and metallurgical properties lend perfect structural support to a building against any corrosive environmental effect. This is why I approve of MS Life 600+ steel bars that are crafted of German technologies like Stop-Start Shears and patented Thermax treatment that offers unmatched durability to a building against adverse environmental factors like humidity, acid rain, air salinity, and others.

Fire resistant:-

Do you know using the right TMT bars can protect your home from fire damage? Superior grade TMT bars have a high thermal capacity that can withstand up to 600 degrees Celsius heat and can substantially reduce the intensity of the damage. So, don’t compromise your home’s future using low-cost and low-quality TMT bars.

Great weldability:-

TMT bars with impressive weldability like that of MS Life 600+ are highly demanding for heavy RCC structures for lending excellent and durable smooth welding of the joints.

Excellent design flexibility:-

Using superior-grade TMT bars enables the engineer or architect to design their choice of structure due to excellent flexibility which is hard to achieve with poor-quality steel bars. So, yes, I highly recommend MS Life 600+ for all the right reasons for constructing your dream home in uncompromised condition.


And lastly,, who doesn’t like to keep their home construction budget in limit? By using MS Life 600+ reinforced steel bars you not only ensure a durable framework to last for a lifetime but also manage to reduce or limit your construction level to a great extent. MS life has an extensive network of dealers and distributors all over South India, so you can source quality reinforced bars at reasonable rates to durably construct your dream home.

So, without a second thought, buy only superior quality MS Life 600+ TMT bars to build your first home confidently that reflects your superior taste and lock the durability and appeal of your home against the test of time. 

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