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MS Life wins the Prestigious Rising Brand Awards | Ms Life

It was a star-studded event of the Goal fest Conclave 2022 at ITC Maratha, Mumbai, where eminent and the fastest growing promising Indian brands like MS Agarwal Foundries were gracefully competing for the Prestigious Brands of India 2022. While the competition was extremely tough, the jury was specifically particular about selecting the brands by adhering to the strict 3 phase selection process through extensive research.

This prestigious award event was organized by BARC of ERTC Media Pvt. Ltd. Every brand that was nominated for the event had to qualify the tough 3 phases of which 

Phase 1 was segregating 500 brands after evaluating the industry reports and market surveys.

Phase 2 involved further evaluating the brands by surveying the target audience on the following parameters like trust, image, sustainability, goodwill, positioning, recall, growth, reach, and innovation.

Phase 3 or the final round of the selection process involved the next step evaluation of the previous two phases, which was again scrutinized by the jury members to get the final list.

The impressive rise of MS Life:

The 10th edition of this prestigious award event was categorized into various segments like Industry No.1 awards, Pride of Maharashtra awards, prestigious rising brand awards, and Brand of decade awards. Despite a tough fight among the promising brands in the rising brand category, MS Agarwal Foundries bagged the title owing to its gradual expansion of brand value, consumer’s no.1 choice, and our substantial contribution towards environmental and societal upliftment.

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