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Reasons to use TMT steel when it is similar to TOR steel | MS Life

Hi, I am Royya Manikyam, a civil architect from Kurnool with 9 years of experience in high-rise residential building construction. Construction in different parts of India requires precise decision-making in choosing the right kind of TMT steel bars and construction steel based on the topography and climatic pattern. This was my prime concern while working in South India because of the high air salinity that made me think of a superior alternative to TOR steel bars to withstand the harsh environmental factors. And as per my experience, I can certainly confirm about the credibility of reinforced TMT bars anytime to meet the purpose of modern construction applications.

During my working tenure in the region, the main challenge that I faced was during the Covid when the price of the construction material increased. Besides, the soil and climate are two of the most crucial factors that largely impact the choice of reinforced bars to be used for construction in the region. Since the price was a factor during the Covid crisis, I convinced my clients for the highest-quality MS Life 600+ TMT bars to secure the one-time investment for the life time.

But before I share my biased opinion, let’s have an understanding of how TOR and TMT steel bars are made. The thermo mechanically treated (TMT) bars are made by passing hot rolled steel billets through water, which toughens the surface while the inner core stays soft and ductile. While the TOR bars or cold twisted deformed (CTD) steel bars are cold twisted after the heating process that deforms the surface while imparting higher strength to the bars. Both TOR and TMT steel bars have almost the same ratio of iron and strength but have some major differences that make TMTs in every way superior to the TOR steel bars. Here I am presenting my reasons for preferring TMT bars

Higher ductility:

Because of their distinct manufacturing process, TMT bars have a soft core beneath the reinforced exterior that enhances its tensile strength compared to the TOR bars. This is one of the potential reasons behind the spiking use of TMT bars for modern construction applications. I highly recommend using superior-grade TMT bars for house construction in seismic-prone regions and humid regions to ensure a durable foundation for a lifetime.

Corrosion resistant:

Because of surface deformity, TOR bars are vulnerable to environmental impact and corrode sooner. While the surfaces of TMT bars are covered with a thin layer of nickeletallic plating that protects the bars from corrosion.

Fire resistant:

TMT bars have 80% of thermal stability than TOR steel bars, which have low thermal stability. This is why I prefer and recommend using higher-grade TMT bars like MS Life 600+ for high-rise residential projects to ensure maximum protection against fire hazards.

Better grip with concrete:

Higher-grade TMT bars have ribbed surface that bonds well with the concrete while TOR steel bars are less competent with concrete bonding.


During my work experience, I noticed that due to low carbon content, TMT bars are easy to weld during construction making things easier. Whereas, because of higher carbon content, TOR bars are difficult to weld, which delays the construction process.


As a modern-day architect, I prefer TMT steel bars for their immense flexibility to be molded in various designs and structures, than that of the TOR bars, which are a bit difficult to mold.
This is my exclusive practical insight into why TMT bars are fast replacing TOR steel for modern-day construction needs. To help you buy superior-grade TMT bars, I recommend one and only MS Life 600+ TMT bars crafted from superior materials combined with world-class technology. You can easily get MS Life TMT bars at the best current market price from the nearest dealers.

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