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How MS Life is different from other steel companies in India? | MS Life

Hello everyone, I am G. Sai Krishna from Wanaparthy, a civil engineer with 5 years of experience in structural drawing and engineering. Based on my comprehensive work experience, I have always emphasized trusting a reputed steel manufacturer for quality steel products like reinforced TMTs, cuts and bends to ensure solid longevity and appeal for your home and construction projects.

As my work nature demands my dotting supervision to every material and implement, I would say many people and builders ignorantly use poor quality low costs materials to save on construction expenses while risking the durability of the worth of investments and effort. Hence I recommend using only quality steel implements from a pioneering brand like MS Life, which specializes in manufacturing merit-quality reinforced bars trusted and approved by civil experts.

Wondering what makes MS life products superior to the rest?

Everything, from their mines-to-mill integrated facility, and expert-curated products to responsible zero-pollution production are their USP in making them the unmatched choice in the construction sector. I personally love their signature 600+ grade reinforced TMT bars for the durable construction of multi-storied buildings and other engineering marvels. Here are some significant features of this fastest-growing integrated steel plant that makes it the most dependable name in the industry.

Mine-to-mills facility: Among the handful of integrated steel plants in India, MS life is one such name that follows mine-to-mills production facility to deliver quality materials at affordable prices. This end-to-end supervised process ensures complete control from sourcing premium quality raw materials to producing merit-quality steel by eliminating added transport and labor costs, which makes MS Life steel bars high impact and low cost.

Manufacturing excellence: Every MS Life product, be it their TMT bars or cut and bends is crafted from superior quality raw materials from the best mines. The range of raw materials like iron ore, coal, and dolomite are converted into sponge iron in the KLIN unit. This process makes the material pliable and suitable in the DRI unit, after which it is tested chemically before billet casting of resilient and durable TMT bars, cuts, and bends.

Innovation leading to perfection: Their integrated facility is equipped with state-of-art technology to ensure flawless and perfect finishing of the TMT bars with the use of patented German and Italian technology. All their modernized rolling mills employ advanced tungsten carbide rolls to deliver higher-strength and superior-quality TMT bars.

Zero pollution factory: The brand is also the first in the country to operate a completely zero-pollution facility to maintain a cordial commercial and environmental equation. Following this eco-friendly policy, the brand strictly adheres to zero wastage of materials, by recycling quality steel products from the scraps.

A certified brand: MS life steel is a certified ISO 9001-2000 steel manufacturing company, recognized by the govt of India for their eco-friendly production of superior grade tmt bars.

Extensive dealers network: Because of their unmatched product quality at a reasonable price, you can now avail MS Life tmt bars from the nearest dealers anywhere in South India. Due to their huge demand for construction, every dealer and distributor across South India stores MS life steel products to meet the surging demand for quality steel bars in the market.

Now that you are aware of the potential reasons behind MS Life being considered the leading steel manufacturer in India, it’s time to make an uncompromised choice of steel products for a durable and resilient framework for your construction projects.

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