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TMT Bars

Construct for the future with TMT Bars

Whenever you find a building under construction, the first thing that you notice is the heaps of TMT bars stacked up at the site. These thermo mechanically treated bars are extremely strong, ductile, and corrosion resistant. If you want your structure to last for years, using TMT bars is a wise decision.

Let us understand what top TMT bars manufacturers in Tamil Nadu observe as the ideal qualities in TMT bars. 

  • TMT bars are processed by high technology and display enduring tensile strength that help in supporting tall building structures, prevents damage from seismic motions(earthquake) and are known for their ductility and bendability.
  • These bars are thermomechanical which gives them their high strength reinforcement making them tough on the outer surfaces while the inner core remains soft.
  • TMT bars come in a unique rib design helping them to bond better with concrete and cement.
  • The TMT bars are corrosion resistant. They do not rust easily and remain in workable condition for a long time.
  • With high thermal stability, they can withstand extreme temperatures of 400 to 600 degree Celsius. Therefore, even if the building is on fire these structures remain unaffected.
  • They display immense bendability, and this makes them extremely useful for construction.
  • With a high tensile strength which is 20% stronger than conventional steel, they do extremely well in intense cooling systems.
  • They can be molded when required into Steel frames without losing their strength.
  • With the advancement of technology, the manufacturing process has been bettered. TMT bars have an advantage over conventional steel bars which make them the preferred choice for construction.
  • They are environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused without any loss in quality.
  • Being lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another, they are valuable and enhance the pace of the construction process. They also ensure that less steel is used for construction reducing the cost of the material.

India is a leading producer of TMT bars. The production spans from the east to west, north to the south where TMT bars manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, are major exporters of TMT bars. The bars are used extensively in varied construction works. The Fe550 TMT steel bar is an essential construction material.

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