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All about TMT Bars Exclusively For Seismic Zone

Geographical surveys suggest that India has mainly four seismic zones namely – zone 2 (least active), zone-3 (moderately active), zone-4 (high), and zone-5 (highest earthquake prone). Strikingly, the last two zones comprise 54% of the lands in India making the regions vulnerable to earthquakes. For these regions, construction needs to be strong enough to resist earthquakes, and MS Life has the perfect solution for the same. TMT bars, manufactured in our integrated steel plant, are what we would suggest using in seismic zone buildings.

What makes TMT bar the best choice for earthquake resistance?

Best quality and the right grade TMT steel bars are the best choice when constructing in a seismic zone. There are certain factors that contribute to making the TMT bar perfect to resist earthquakes.

1. Ductility: Steel bars must possess a strong external marten-site surface and a soft ferrite-pearlite coat. An earthquake resistant TMT bar must have this feature.

2. Elongation: During earthquakes, TMT bars must not break but should elongate and retain their shape once the quake and aftershocks are over. High elongation index ensures inelastic strains are performed in a better way than other processed steels.

3. Yield strength: A TMT bar with high yield strength can restore to its original shape after an earthquake. Hence, it is important to check the yield strength of the bar if using for construction in seismic zones.

4. Steel grade: There are multiple grades of TMT bars depending on their individual manufacturing processes. Different grades available in India are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The higher the grades, the stronger the bars are, and the better for seismic regions.

5. Thermo process: MS Life has patented Thermex treatment systems along with German technologies like Stop-Start shears that enable them to manufacture high strength, deformed steel bars perfectly safe for heavy constructions.

MS Life focuses on producing TMT bars that have the best combination of strength, ductility, and unparalleled quality consistency. Thanks to the low carbon level and high physical properties of the steel bars during the manufacturing process, our TMT bars are strong, high malleable, ductile, weldable, and offer intense elongation properties up to 24%.

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