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Top reasons why adapting to new technology is important for Steel Bar Manufacturers

Hello everyone, I am Y. Gopala Krishna, from Tandur, Telangana. I am a civil engineer with 26+ years of experience in specialized Vastu-compliance residential building and stone polished industry. Based on my years of experience in the construction sector, I can certainly say that the TMT bars have come a long way through modifications to meet the varied needs of modern construction. 

Through my 26 years of professional journey, I have seen the evolution of reinforced steel bars from HYSD (high yield strength deformed) bars, TOR to the current TMT (thermo mechanically treated) steel bars. To meet specialized construction needs for skyscrapers, and complex residential and commercial construction, modern TMT bars are now extra durable and ductile, and pioneering TMT bar makers like MS Life Steel have adopted the latest technology to deliver TMT bar par excellence. Nowadays, TMT bars are tested on ductility, durability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and several other factors to ensure a strong foundation irrespective of regions, climatic conditions, and environmental factors.

This is why advanced TMT bar manufacturers are now investing in modern technology right from the selection of raw materials, and the TMT bar-making process to quality checks for maximum quality maintenance and thus keeping the positive brand image intact. 


Considering the dynamic needs for modern construction, it has become crucial for steel manufacturing companies to boost their annual output without hampering the quality. Especially, in a country like India with different topography and climatic conditions across the nation, it is in fact a challenge for the TMT bar makers to produce quality reinforcement steel bars that are compatible with any kind of construction and last an impressive life span.

Here I will disclose some inevitable reasons for steel bar manufacturers to adopt technology:

A. Micro alloying: One of the major qualities of advanced reinforced TMT bars is corrosion resistance which is done by adding alloying elements such as niobium, vanadium, boron, and zirconium to enhance the durability by protecting the surface from adverse environmental impact. This flawless technique is done for batches of TMT bars at one go using advanced technology. 

B. Integrated steel plants: Leading TMT bar manufacturers like MS Life Steel operate in a mine-to-mill integrated facility that is fully automated to ensure faster and flawless production of premium-grade TMT bars under expert supervision. From sourcing the finest quality raw materials, the primary steel-making route to hot rolling every step of TMT bar manufacturing is powered by technology. All rolling mills at MS Life Steel are fully modernized with advanced tungsten carbide rolls replacing the conventional steel rolls for excellent surface finish and smooth dimension.

C. Advanced thermo mechanical treatment: To meet the exponential demand for high-yield TMT bars, MS Life implements the best of German technology like Start-Stop shears and patented Thermax treatment to produce economical, efficient, and excellent quality TMT bars for global construction needs.

This thoughtful smart switch to innovation has made MS Life Steel a renowned brand when it comes to selecting the best quality TMT bars for construction.

As an experienced engineer, I observed the following advantages for MS Life Steel in adopting the technology:

  • More precise and flawless production of TMT bars
  • High-quality economical TMT bars due to limited human involvement in the production process
  • Gaining consumer satisfaction and trust
  • Strong market presence and competitive advantage
  • Uncompromised quality assurance

Change is inevitable and changing with time is the key to sustainability. These same rules apply to the steel sector as well and MS Life is the perfect example of why the brand is gaining trust among consumers, which is soaring high with each passing year. So, be an informed buyer and choose only the best quality TMT bars from renowned TMT bars manufacturers like MS Life Steel, your one-stop destination for high-quality constructional steel. 

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