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TMT or HYSD: Which Bars Are Better For a Safer Home

TMT or Thermo Mechanical Treatment is a process that uses both heat treatment and mechanical deformation. These bars tend to have higher tensile strength and stress resistance.

HYSD or High Yielding Strength Deformed are steel rods made with heat treatment. While applying heat, the bars are cold twisted for shaping.

Steel bars used to be low on tensile strength and fragile hence did not garner much attention. Upon the release of HYSD bars, they became popular because of their residual stress, weldability, and corrosion resistance properties.

However, over the years, the construction industry has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, with people yearning to building their homes. It was at this point when TMT came into the market and took over HYSD bars with its high ductility and flexibility.

TMT bars are superior and corrosive resistant as opposed to HYSD bars. The latter is produced by twisting the rod during the heat treatment. This reduces the strength of the steel bar substantially. Hence, TMT bars are used for the construction of concrete structures. These steel bars are manufactured especially for humid regions like India, where moisture and stickiness pose an issue for the durability of the structure.

Here we have listed some of the advantages of choosing TMT bars over HYSD bars-

1.Higher Core Strength

Unlike HYSD bars, TMT bars do not have any surface deformities. It keeps their core strength uncompromised. This is also one of the main reasons why TMT bars are critical for higher strength of the structure.

2. Cost-Effective

The higher load-bearing capacity of TMT bars makes it ideal for an affordable way of construction. This feature allows a lesser number of TMT bars for constructing a structure thereby limiting the overall cost.

3. High Ductility

As modern architecture requires more room for aesthetic and even abstract designing, TMT bars with ferrite-pearlite combination proven to be ideal. TMT bars are highly ductile allowing higher pliability and greater strength.

4. Durability

TMT bars increases the longevity of the structure as they do not go through any deformations. TMT bars corrode lesser than HYSD due to lower carbon intake and lower residual stress. It eliminates any structural changes.

5. Earthquake and Heat Resistance

One of the main reasons for the massive popularity garnered by TMT bars is its earthquake resistance. According to IS Standards, Fe 500d TMT bars behold the best combination of ductility and flexibility. Most of the TMT manufacturers of India provide highly ductile and super flexible steel bars. This allows the structure to be resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes.

Higher flexibility requires potential bending and re-bending facilities, which compromises the rod’s strength. However, TMT bars have the perfect balance of high strength, and bending abilities, making them the better choice for safer homes.

Most of the TMT manufacturers of India provide highly ductile and super flexible steel bars. This makes the structure resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. These are just some of the many reasons the best TMT bar manufacturers of India like MsLife are responsible for safer homes and prepared living. In recent years, we have witnessed numerous natural calamities that we did not see coming. Our unpreparedness led to the loss of not only properties and structures but also countless lives.

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