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Steel Plant

Steel Plant with Zero Pollution Factory – MS Life

Steel production usually involves a lot of pollution. But thanks to brands like MS Steel who is environmentally responsible and ensures that the factory doesn’t produce any pollution.

The reason for the superior quality products and the service provided by MS Life as a brand is because of their superior Mines to Mills integrated steel plant. The entire process is under strict supervision to provide nothing but the best.  An integrated steel plant makes quality control best as possible, helps in control of the costs and also boosts delivery times. Be it any size 12mm tmt bar or 8 mm, the brand aims to offer the best to the customers.

Manufacturing process

A combination of processes is undergone in the integrated steel plant to achieve the steel for MS LIFE 600. It is produced through the primary route of steel making, using iron ore. Then it is passed through furnace and the virgin steel is then refined to the and is  cast into billets.

The  virgin steel produced is of extremely good quality and does not contain any harmful ingredient. They also ensure the consistent properties in the rebars like strength and durability.

Cast billets are then hot rolled in automated rolling mills and are monitored strictly to come up with same quality every time.

The fully modern factory is well equipped with latest rolling technologies that has state-of-the-art tungsten carbide rolls that make sure of surface finish and excellent dimensional tolerance.

This produced steel has a superior finish, better strength and is best in quality and also environmentally the processes involved are absolutely safe.

Manufacturing process of TMT Steel Bars of brands like MS Steel starts from sourcing the best raw materials and then these are sent to KLN unit where it is changed into sponge Iron. The material then is ready to be shaped in any desired form in the DRI unit. So from here it can be 8mm or 12mm TMT Bar. Next the materials is then tested with chemical processes and are then shaped into TMT Bars that are absolutely strong. The factory ensures superior quality and supervision to that waste is less and is friendly for the environment and is best quality for the customers.

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