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Flexibility of a TMT Bar-Why it matters?

Thermo mechanically treated bars also commonly known as TMT bars are essential building construction materials. Though there are many reasons to confirm the credibility of TMT bars in ensuring structural integrity, its flexibility has made it an indispensable choice for modern constructional needs, especially in seismic-prone zones. Construction in the diverse topography of India requires TMT bars of superior strength and flexibility like MS Life 600+ TMT bars, a product of MS Life Steel, an integrated steel plant in South India.

How are TMT bars made flexible?

Now no one can imagine that the tough and reinforced TMT bar can be flexible. But flexibility is a must-have requirement in premium grade TMT bars, which is obtained during the manufacturing process. After going through the heat treatment, the bars are quenched in water to cool down. The quenching is repeated for a few times to strengthen the exterior of the bars while ensuring the core remains softer. This is how superior-grade TMT bars gained superior strength and flexibility. 

Importance of flexibility in TMT bars:

Superior grade TMT bars are highly valued for their unmatched flexibility and strength for construction in earthquake-prone zones, besides cutting down construction costs to a great extent. Want to know how?

Here are the following benefits of the flexibility of TMT bars:

Bend it like you want it: Do you know using high-strength and flexible TMT bars for construction can reduce the construction budget by half? Engineers and architects get the confidence to twist and bend these steel bars to implement various structural designs without the need for separately investing in structural steel. And MS Life 600+ TMT bars are perfectly crafted to suit various constructional needs for both small and large-scale construction projects.

Resilience to earthquakes: Using premium grade flexible TMT bars for building construction in seismic-prone regions protect your home by absorbing the waves and dissipating energy. The flexibility of TMT bars allows them to absorb the stress and strain caused by seismic forces, reducing the risk of structural damage or collapse.

Superior crack control: The flexibility of TMT bars is very important in mitigating cracks that happen in the concrete due to temperature change, and shrinkage over years. The capability of these bars to accommodate these changes helps in preventing cracks and supports the structural integrity of the building. 

Load Distribution: Flexibility in TMT bars allows them to evenly distribute loads throughout the reinforced concrete structure. This ensures that the stresses are efficiently transferred and shared among various parts of the building, reducing the chances of localized failures.

Ductility: TMT bars are known for their high ductility, which is the ability to undergo large deformations without fracturing. Ductility is a critical property for materials used in earthquake-prone areas, as it enables the structure to undergo substantial deformations while still maintaining its load-carrying capacity. This property helps prevent sudden and catastrophic failures during seismic events.

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