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5 tips to save construction costs

Raising a construction project brick by brick requires a lump sum financial investment which has to be worth a lifetime. Whether you are building your dream nest, budget planning and cost saving is always a major concern to ensure you are not overrunning the budget and doing only informed expenses. But the problem is no matter how hard you try to manage everything within budget, the final construction cost report is always hard to digest.

If your new home construction is just around the corner, then this informative piece will definitely help you in slashing down the construction cost. Plan the following ways:

A. Fix a budget: Keeping in mind the current construction material cost, labour costs, taxes, and permits, do a financial audit to calculate the estimated construction cost for the project. Maintaining a budget sheet will help you in keeping a tab on the progress and enable the correct execution of the project.

B. Use budget-friendly materials: Now here we are not asking you to compromise the age of your new home by investing in poor quality cheaper materials. Here we mean to make an informed buying decision of cement, bricks, and TMT bars from a qualified brand.

Before buying construction materials such as TMT bars, be aware of the current market price, so you can compare prices and get the highest quality bars at the most economical price range. Premium quality TMT bars like MS Life 600+ are not only economically priced but made of the highest quality materials to lend your home a lifetime of guaranteed durability.

Factors that make MS Life 600+ TMT the most cost-effective strength for your dream home:

  • Precise bonding with concrete: MS Life 600+ TMT bars have ribbed surface patterns to have a solid bond with the concrete. The bond strength of concrete and TMT bars is important for any RCC structure to ensure solid reinforcement for bearing heavy loads and prevent premature cracking.
  • BIS certified: When investing one time to fulfil a dream of a lifetime, go for BIS-certified MS Life 600+TMT bars tested and certified by the experts.
  • Unmatched elongation and ductility: MS Life TMT bars are built to safeguard your investment from seismic tensions while lending the required reinforcement to bear excess tension, thus preventing structural damage.
  • Sustainable cuts and bends: MS Life steel also manufactures sustainable cuts and bends in customized lengths and sizes to suit various construction requirements. So, instead of buying a fresh batch of steel to meet various home designing purposes, get economical cuts and bends and save extra expenses.

Getting MS Life 600+ TMT bars for your home construction will not only reduce the estimated budget but also guarantees lifetime durability with low to NO maintenance cost.

C. Bulk purchase: Instead of buying construction material in smaller batches, keep a tab of the market price and buy in bulk when the price is low. At this time, you can expect to buy the required materials at a discounted price and avoid draining your budget.

D. Hire professionals: Don’t get baffled by the term professional and stop worrying about exceeding budget. In India, you have the privilege to hire experienced masons, who got the skills and expertise to build your home straight out of your dream, and that too at a budget-friendly price range.

E. Build rapport with the distributors: Making personnel-level connections with the nearest distributors from whom you generally get the construction supplies can help in lowering the construction cost. So work on your communication skills and make profitable connections.

So, here are exclusive tips to save construction costs without compromising on the durability of your dream projects. Promise your home’s lifetime durability with one of the top 10 steel brands in India, MS Life TMT bars and save maximum on your construction budget.

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