Ways to Make a Building More Earthquake-Resistant

Top TMT Bar Brands in India

India has four seismic zones and according to the updated data by the National Centre of Seismology, many of the Indian cities are denoted as earthquake-prone regions. In fact, there are precise national-level recommendations and informational brochures on constructing structures more resilient to earthquakes. Apart from the government guidelines, good construction materials like cement, sand, brick, and top TMT bar brands in India can play a huge role in ensuring that buildings are earthquake resistant and minimal damage is done at the time of such a disaster.

Here are certain pointers for making a building more earthquakes resistant –

  • Shockwave Pervious TMT Bars

Earthquake-resistant TMT bars are the strong rebars that not only absorb shockwave but bend without breaking. Since these are manufactured using the Tempcore Process, MS Life TMT bars attain a soft internal core with a tough exterior. This makes it particularly capable of weathering seismic shocks.

  • Design of Building

Architecturally, perpendicular building designs are the most appropriate to support upper layers of construction, to absorb tremors, and to be bendable during earthquakes. Now, balanced proportioning of perpendicular structures in effect assists in equal load-bearing thus providing a steady construction plan.

  • Panelled Walls & Thin Flooring

The usage of panelled walls aids in redirecting the potency of vibrations towards the foundations making a building much safer. Correspondingly, thin concrete floors and lighter roofs are better at earthquake resistance.

  • Structural Frames and Designs are Vital

Horizontal and vertical structural systems with certain important features are crucial for strengthening the resistance factor. Diaphragms and Trusses for the horizontal structures, and Cross-braced frames and Moment-resisting frames for the vertical structures, reinforce the resistance of construction during earthquakes.

  • Support of Steel Reinforcement

The concrete buildings are reinforced with steel to create the most significant troika of earthquake-resilient qualities. These are – ductility, rigidity, and strength. Steel reinforcement resists the tensile force generated by earthquakes. Hence, high-grade MS Life TMT bars are compulsory in erecting structures that will endure earthquakes.

Top TMT bar brands available in India comprehend that the safety of buildings is of the highest importance. Therefore, they do not compromise with the quality of earthquake-resilient products and materials.