Top 10 Steel Companies in India discusses the Importance of Ribs on TMT Bars


The importance of TMT bars is second to none in the modern construction world. Owing to superior properties of the bars produced by the top 10 steel companies in India, these bars are used in all types of projects in the construction world. Highly ductile and extreme strong TMT bars are an instant favourite among builders around the world.

The ribs are one of the most essential aspects in any grade of TMT bars. Let’s check out why:

a) Better Bonding Strength – A big reason behind the spectacular popularity of TMT bars is the fact that they bond excellently with cement and concrete. Ribs provide that bonding strength.

b) Immense Strength – When we think of TMT bars, we think exceptional strength. These bars display tremendous strength and it is also due to the ribs. It evenly distributes the strength across the entire length of the bar.

c) Earthquake Resistant – TMT bars can also protect any building structure from natural calamities like an earthquake. The ribbed bars provide an external layer of safety which protects the building by absorbing intense seismic waves produced during an earthquake.

d) Superior Grip – Ribs reduce the possibility of slipping by ensuring better grip in cement or concrete. This improves the quality of work and also play a pivotal role in saving a considerable amount of time.

Different Types of Ribs in TMT Bars

Reinforced steel bars are circular or semicircular cross section used in Reinforcement of Cement Concrete (RCC).

Ribbed reinforced bars includes double rows. It runs down the entire length of TMT bars and is uniformly distributed that promotes better bonding strength.

Longitudinal rib is another type of uniform and consistent ribs corresponding to the entire vertical of the steel bar.

Final Thoughts

TMT bars have widespread popularity and is very common in case of any constructional projects. Be it unique rib pattern or fantastic durability, the bars manufactured by the top 10 steel companies in India are one of a kind.