TMT bars – Their Variety and Utility in Construction

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It is necessary to have proper knowledge about the grades of the TMT bars while choosing these for a project. Different projects involve diverse kinds of TMT reinforcement rebars that are readily available from any of the top 10 TMT brands in Hyderabad.

Now, let’s comprehend the grades of TMT bars –

Several variations of TMT steel bars are obtainable from the market. The infrastructure and construction companies utilize these bars for a variety of engineering, commercial, and housing projects. So, obtaining the accurate grade of steel bar aids the firms to have stability, strength, and standardization in their projects. The Bureau of Indian Standards decides the gradation of TMT bars. This is done according to the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the rebars and Indian steel producers conform to these pre-decided gradations.

Again, constructors evaluate bar value along with its Fe grade for understanding the efficacy of the TMT bar. In fact, the gradation of TMT rebars is made based on the extent of strain they can survive without harm.

There are four principal grades of TMT bars –

  • Fe 415
  • Fe 500
  • Fe 550
  • Fe 600

Their uses –

  • Fe 415 Bars:

These TMT bars are flexible and inexpensive reinforcement bars. But presently, this grade is not in much use. Since this grade has more ductility but less strength, it is utilized only for minor construction works.

  • Fe 500 Bars:

These grades of rebars are used as standard reinforcement for construction projects. Since these bars provide great tensile strength and ductility, these are extensively used for multi-storeyed buildings and commercial construction work. Fe 500D steel bars are impeccable for constructions in high earthquake-prone zones.

  • Fe 550 Bars:

These steel rebars have more tensile strength, but lower ductility than Fe500D grade and are utilized for constructing huge infrastructure and industrial projects. Concrete structures that require having an extraordinary load-bearing capability like bridges, etc. utilize Fe 550 grade TMT bars.

  • Fe 600 Bars:

These grades of MS Life TMT bars are made with special alloys composition to have inordinate strength and ductility. These are mostly utilized for building long-lasting infrastructures, marine facilities, and commercial assets and others.

So, we can conclude that depending on the projects, you can select the grades and quality of MS Life TMT bars. Markets are flooded with numerous brands of TMT bars but it is safe to go for only the top 10 TMT brands in Hyderabad.