5 Reasons Why TMT Bars are Essential Construction Materials

Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars are super strength bars having a hard outer layer and a soft inner layer. TMT bar is one of the most widely used materials in any construction project. TMT bars provide super strength and longevity to a building. TMT bars also protect the building structure from natural disasters such as an earthquake. Be it buildings, flyovers, or bridges, TMT bars have become the cornerstone of modern construction. We explain her, why:

Mega Strength – There was a time when conventional bars manufactured through a mild cold twisting process was only used for construction. The modern-day TMT bars are far stronger than their conventional counterpart. TMT bars go through an intense manufacturing process which involves passing through intense water cooling systems. This adds strength and solidity to the structure. This also protects the structure from any disasters like earthquake.

Protection from Corrosion – The unique manufacturing process is also a big reason behind the corrosion-resistant properties of a TMT bar. TMT bars are often exposed to sunlight and extensive moisture during various construction projects. Under these situations, traditional bars often fall prey to rusting but the rust protection properties help TMT bars to stay away from rusting.

Weldability that Matters – TMT bars can be easily welded. As a result, architects love to use them in various ways to create innovative structures. A product that is strong and flexible at once scores big in the construction world.

Incredible Longevity – Another advantage of a TMT bar is that it forms strong bonding with basic construction materials such as cement or concrete. The superior bonding strength automatically bolsters longevity.

Bending Properties – A TMT bar can be easily bent and molded. This helps to create any shape using the bar. The high bending ability is the reason why TMT bars are used in diverse construction projects.

One last world of caution

It is highly recommended to choose TMT bars from a manufacturer having a fully integrated plant. With complete control over the selection of the raw materials and chemical composition of the end-product, these primary steel producers can best ensure the physical standards of BIS.

We can safely conclude that TMT bars are indispensable for modern construction. Different grades of TMT bars are available in the market, representing their difference in strength and quality. You must choose the grade that fits your unique construction requirements. Make sure that you buy from a reputed manufacturer whose products come with the assurance of a very high quality.